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Efficient, climate-friendly and cost-effective: innovative energy systems for the sustainable energy era

Efficient energy systems and plants for applications in commerce, industry and municipalities make an important contribution to climate protection and the success of the energy transition. Viessmann is introducing a range of innovative solutions for this purpose this year.

Vitobloc CHP for the economical supply of electricity and heat.

May 4, 2023

Be it clean ambient air, a reliable power and heat supply or efficient steam generation, Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering includes products and complete systems to meet almost all requirements, enabling the energy transition to be achieved efficiently and cost-effectively in the big output range.

New products at a glance

  • Vitoair FS PRO and Vitoair CS PRO are new ventilation solutions for large residential complexes, and commercial and public buildings with air flow of up to 2000 m³/h.
  • New accessories are available for self-sufficient and efficient power and heat generation with the Vitobloc combined heat and power generation (CHP) units in the form of Schwarzstart Pro and ViNCI Buffer Management. Schwarzstart Pro allows the unit to be started without an external energy supply, while ViNCI Buffer Management optimizes CHP operation.
  • Vitomax industrial boilers are available for all-electric operation and as hybrid versions for commercial and industrial hot water and steam generation.
  • With Viessmann EC-Pro, the family business provides standardized end-to-end solutions from a single source with outputs ranging from 30 kW to 1.2 MW for a wide range of building types.
  • The new Vitostation residential transfer station (heat output: 15 kW) is designed for use in large residential complexes that are connected to heating networks.

Vitoair PRO: high-performance ventilation solution with particularly high levels of heat recovery

Larger offices, daycare centers, shops, assembly halls and large residential complexes place particular demands on  ventilation systems. The new Vitoair FS PRO and Vitoair CS PRO ventilation units are tailored to meet these very demands. The strengths of the new units include particularly high levels of heat recovery, easy installation in suspended ceilings thanks to flat design (type FS PRO), app-based commissioning using the Vitoair PRO app and online monitoring during operation with the Vitoair PRO web app.

Can be extended to meet all requirements

Vitoair FS PRO features a particularly flat design and is particularly suitable for installation in suspended ceilings and cavity floors, as well as for pre-wall installation. Alternatively, Vitoair CS PRO is available as a cubical standing model with duct connections on the side for indoor and outdoor installation. Both units are available in two sizes with air flow of 600 and 2000 m³/h.

The Vitoair PRO series can be extended so that it meets particular project specifications. Electric and hydraulic reheating or preheating coils are available for this purpose. High-quality pocket or cassette filters in a range of categories ensure excellent filtration and long maintenance intervals.

Integrate a system that has been planned online directly into home automation and building equipment and appliances

A Vitoair PRO system can be designed using the intuitive Vitoair PRO Selection Tool. The system designed using the tool can then be transferred directly to Viessmann’s quotation system.

The system is particularly convenient with features such as app-based commissioning using the Vitoair PRO app through to monitoring during operation using the Vitoair PRO web app (optional). Cross-system connection of other Viessmann products is also possible. ModBus (RTU or TCP/IP), BACnet or web interfaces are available as standard for connections to the building management system (BMS).

Benefits for the building services planner

  • Online Vitoair PRO Select tool for planning
  • The right type of unit for every project
  • CAD data to enable easy integration into the planner’s software, including text formulation for tenders
  • Extensive options and accessories
  • Webinars and tutorials for professional planning

Benefits for trade partners

  • Simple installation
  • Time-saving maintenance and fast filter changes
  • Minimum space required thanks to compact design
  • Intuitive and fast commissioning using a smartphone or tablet
  • Nationwide support
  • Online monitoring using the Vitoair PRO web-based app

Benefits for users

  • Cozy temperatures and healthy room conditions
  • High heat recovery for lower energy costs
  • Reduced odors and CO2  concentration
  • Protection against insects, pollen and pollutants
  • Safe and convenient ventilation when windows are closed
  • Pleasant, healthy ambient air helps schoolchildren and office workers to perform better
  • Convenient control from your smartphone or tablet

Technical specifications

  • Nominal flow rate: 1000/1500 m³/h
  • Air flow: 600 to 2000 m³/h
  • Heat recovery: > 80.6%
  • Filter: ePM10/65 % (M5)/ePM1/55 %(F7), optional: ISO ePM1 80 %(F9)
  • Modulating bypass for frost protection and summer/nighttime temperature control
  • Verified efficiency and performance thanks to EUROVENT certification
  • Perfect hygiene confirmed by to VDI 6022 certification/ÖNorm, H6021/SWKI VA104

Vitobloc: self-sufficient power and heat generation with innovative buffer management and Schwarzstart Pro function

State-of-the-art  combined heat and power generation units  (CHP units) have an indispensable role to play in the energy transition. In contrast to wind power and photovoltaic energy, these units generate electrical energy when needed and can thus balance out bottlenecks in volatile power generation. Their flexible operation makes CHP units ideally suited for use in industrial and commercial buildings, hospitals, swimming pools, neighborhood solutions and for local and district heating networks. Innovative accessories are now available for the  Vitobloc  CHP units, allowing users to become even more self-sufficient in generating power and heat.

ViNCI Buffer Management for independent, self-sufficient power and heat generation

ViNCI Buffer Management (BM) is an optional module for CHP units with ViNCI control systems. BM aims to achieve optimized operation of the CHP unit together with the CHP unit itself, the buffer cylinder and the cylinder discharge pump. The core element is the compact ViNCI BM control cabinet for space-saving wall mounting.

The ViNCI BM is connected to the CHP control unit via a CAN bus. All parameters can then be configured directly via the CHP unit display. The ViNCI BM optimizes the lifespan of the CHP unit depending on the buffer filling level. Extensive parameters can be configured to ensure optimum heating system operation:

  • Two parameter sets (summer/winter)
  • Additional heat generation can be (de)selected
  • Cylinder discharge pump can be (de)selected
  • Cylinder discharge pump speed control
  • Valve control
  • Prepared for future functions

Control hardware and software were developed by Viessmann. ViNCI Buffer Management and the required PCB assembly are examples of quality “Made in Germany".

Schwarzstart Pro function starts the CHP unit up in the event of a power outage

The new Schwarzstart Pro allows the  Vitobloc 300  and  Vitobloc 200  CHP units to be started up in the event of a power outage without any external energy supply (off-grid). Smart circuits featuring high-quality Viessmann batteries ensure that a black start is possible within a defined standby period. This solution offers the CHP unit user reliable and decentralized supply security for the combined generation of power and heat.

Schwarzstart Pro is available for Viessmann’s current CHP portfolio. The function can be retrofitted in existing CHP modules and integrated into new systems without affecting the maintenance intervals for proper operation.

Benefits for trade partners

  • A range of flexible applications with CHP units are possible
  • Easy installation of the ViNCI Buffer Management System
  • Easy retrofitting of the Schwarzstart Pro function

Benefits for users

  • High levels of operational reliability and long maintenance intervals
  • Optimized lifespan of the CHP unit thanks to ViNCI Buffer Management
  • Can be started up even without any external energy supply thanks to the Schwarzstart Pro function
  • ViNCI BM hardware and software are “Made in Germany"

Vitomax: industrial boiler for climate-friendly heat and steam generation

The reduction of greenhouse gases and the change of fossil fuels to alternative and environmentally friendly solutions are key issues in heat and steam generation for trade, industry and municipal authorities. Viessmann is forging ahead with this development with the new  Vitomax  industrial boilers for all-electric operation and the Vitomax electric hybrid boilers.

Particularly cost-effective with nighttime and PV electricity

Even with electricity costs on the rise, users can benefit from low tariffs on the electricity market at certain times (for example, “nighttime electricity“). Or they can use self-generated electricity from photovoltaic systems. CO2  emissions are reduced at the same time – namely to zero for electric boilers.

The Vitomax electric boilers require 400-volt or 690-volt connections and operate in the low voltage grid (<1000 volts). Depending on the output size and the voltage grid, the electric boilers are equipped with one to a maximum of five electric flange heaters for steam generation and up to seven for hot water generation. They are supplied with power and controlled and fused by the  Vitocontrol  E-L-FHK switchgear. For an output control of between 0% and 100 %, a thyristor-contactor combination is provided, which can be used to switch individual heating stages of the flange heaters on and off as required.

Fewer components – more space

The Vitomax electric boilers are already assembled and pre-wired ex-works. In addition to the boiler, this also includes the circuit-breaker switchgear and the safety and control engineering system. As there are no needs for either a fuel supply or exhaust gas components, much less space is required for the system.

Electric hybrid boiler with extended applications

If sufficient electricity is not available, either at all or in a cost-effective manner, the Vitomax electric hybrid boilers are an efficient alternative. The combination of a standard-powered Vitomax with two additional electric flange heaters enables the use of electricity, in addition to biogenic or fossil fuels, to generate steam or hot water.

In the “mild“ hybrid boiler, the rated thermal input has to be reduced by the electrically used output. This version is particularly suitable for keeping boilers warm when they are in reduced operation due to a particular process.

Likewise, the electric flanged radiators on the electric hybrid boilers are supplied with power and are controlled and fused using the Viessmann Vitocontrol E-L-FHK switchgear. The Vitocontrol HS/HW boiler control unit also controls the unit.

Advantage for hydrogen operation included

One of the major advantages that hybrid boilers offer compared to gas or oil boilers is their start-up process: when operated electrically, the boiler can be heated above the dew point of the flue gas and then fossil combustion can be switched on. This combination also offers ideal conditions for operation using hydrogen later on, as without suitable measures, this sort of operation would produce much more condensate during the start-up process.

End-to-end solutions with optimized accessories

In addition to the new electric and electric hybrid boilers, optimized accessories round off Viessmann’s commercial hot water and steam solutions. This results in excellent water quality and increased cost-effectiveness for multi-boiler steam systems.

With the complete revamp of the TWA-V complete thermodynamic degassing system, feedwater treatment has been increased from the previous 14 to up to 60 t/h. This allows Viessmann to offer a coordinated system for thermodynamic water treatment for multi-boiler steam systems. With the new additional 13 output sizes, almost all conceivable Vitomax dual and multi-boiler combinations can receive an optimum supply of treated feedwater from the standard portfolio.

Saturated steam is injected via the feedwater tank at approx. 0.3 bar. Using the countercurrent principle, steam rises in the degassing dome, removing gases such as O2  and CO2  from the fresh water that trickles down. Thanks to the very low residual oxygen content of the treated feedwater of 0.02 mg/l, less of the oxygen binding agent is required, making a considerable contribution to reducing operating costs.

The thermodynamic energy contained in the vapor can be utilized further via the optional vapor cooler. This allows fresh water to be preheated or enables other thermodynamic circuits. This saves energy and costs!

Benefits for trade partners

  • Simple system planning with components that are already perfectly matched
  • Everything from a single source: hot water and steam boilers and all other system components
  • Quick creation of offers with the product configurator
  • Use in production industries such as the food, fertilizer, building material, paper,
  • beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and refineries

Benefits for users

  • Industrial solutions perfectly tailored to specific requirements
  • Offer and overview of the required investment costs within the shortest time
  • Maximum inspection intervals and easy to service due to sufficient access and inspection points

Technical specifications

  • Output:  
    • 0.5 bis 10 t/h (Vitomax HS-E steam boiler)
    • 0.8 to 15.7 MW (Vitomax HW-EH hot water boiler)
  • Complete thermodynamic degassing: up to 60 t/h     

Delivery date

The Vitomax electric and electric hybrid boilers, as well as complete thermodynamic degassing, are already available today.

Viessmann EC-Pro: standardized solutions for a large number of building types

The requirements that state-of-the-art energy systems have to meet are constantly increasing. Often, multivalent solutions are required that not only generate heating and cooling, but also their own electricity. This is making it increasingly difficult for planners, users and investors to find a suitable solution for a sustainable energy system. When developing and planning system concepts, and in order to allow for significantly shorter project terms, Viessmann’s specialists for modular energy centers are reliable partners who have already developed standardized energy centers for a large number of building types with EC-Pro.

Trade partners and users benefit from a one-stop shop

However diverse the system components, they should interlock seamlessly and problem-free. This means that the subsequent straightforward integration of additional components, for example, for power generation, also has to be taken into account. This requires considering factors such as energy type and consumption, as well as environmental aspects so that the operation generates as little emission as possible. Ultimately, Viessmann customers and users benefit from a one-stop shop with reliable logistics when it comes to purchasing.

Modules and standards for fast solutions

A standardized procedure is at the core of Viessmann EC-Pro. In addition to the rapid development of concepts and alternatives, a new energy system is planned based on how it can be realized quickly and easily using ready-made hydraulic and electrical modules. This requires the optimum design of all system components, which is achieved by perfectly matched modules for maximum efficiency and operational reliability.

Running costs are taken into account

To ensure cost-effective operation, system users can now also expect a demand-oriented  service offering. In this respect, the modular energy center offers, among other things, remote maintenance and monitoring solution for a problem-free operation. Viessmann supplies systems with an output range from 30 kW to 1.2 MW from a single source. In addition to hardware, digital services are also a top priority. With its intuitive operating concept, the Pro quotation assistant allows quotations to be drawn up quickly, including clear system diagrams.

Benefits for planners and system users

  • Pro system advisor:

- Support with selecting a system
- Optimization and simulation allow various options to be compared
- Fast concept development with alternative system setups


  • Pro quotation assistant:

- Quick creation of offers with guided configuration
- Selection of verified system diagrams for secure operation
- Short project terms thanks to digitally supported processes


  • Viessmann’s modular energy center:

- Optimum design of all system components for maximum efficiency
- Modular assembly unit offers flexible solutions for a large number of different building types
- Short installation time with pre-assembled hydraulic modules and system components (low risk of error)
- Remote maintenance and monitoring solution for the energy center
- Sustainable as further modules can be added easily


Delivery date

Viessmann EC-Pro is available on request.

Vitostation: residential transfer station for large residential complexes

Heating networks are identified in almost all current long-term scenarios as one of the central aspects to the urban transition to sustainable thermal energy. The Vitostation residential transfer station was developed for use in large residential complexes that are connected to heating networks or have central heating. It appeals to customers who value improved drinking water hygiene and comfortable temperature control of individual rooms and who want to contribute to the transition to sustainable thermal energy.

Residential station for a large number of applications

Vitostation combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of a central DHW cylinder with very fast DHW generation and the high hygiene standards offered by decentralized tap water generation. The station is designed for a whole range of applications. These include:

  • Large residential complexes connected to district heating
  • Large residential complexes with local heating networks
  • Large residential complexes with a heat pump
  • Large residential complexes with a booster heat pump and a connection to cold heating
  • networks
  • Use in regions with particularly aggressive tap water

Take account of statutory requirements as of 2024

Anyone renovating their heating system in an individual apartment should also bear the German Buildings Energy Act in mind, which is planned to come into force as of 2024. Under this legislation, heat generation must have a share of at least 65% (excluding transition periods) from renewable energy. This will be difficult to achieve with a single-story heating system. This is where the Viessmann residential station is the ideal solution:

  • Installation of a central heating system with a renewable energy share of 65%.
  • Heat is distributed in the building via a riser (2 pipes).
  • The residential station replaces the single-story heating system, for which the same connections are used.

Connection to centralized heat generators or heating networks

When it comes to new builds or entire home renovation projects, it makes sense to equip them with residential stations. The units are space-saving, and the installation effort is significantly less than that required for a conventional solution featuring a central drinking water reservoir – instead of four pipes, only two need to be laid. In addition to connecting to a central heat generator, connecting to existing heating networks is also possible.

A flow temperature of 40 °C is sufficient for panel heating in well-insulated new builds. In such cases, a heat pump is sufficient for heating. The flow heater integrated in the Viessmann residential station (optional) then ensures a high level of drinking water convenience.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Broad range of applications
  • Low installation effort – only 2 instead of 4 riser pipes
  • Installation based on construction site progress (separate delivery of components)
  • Fast commissioning
  • Simple error diagnosis

Benefits for users

  • High levels of drinking water hygiene through decentralized DHW generation
  • Fast DHW generation
  • Low source power through buffer use with network pump module
  • Minimum space required (flush-mounted or surface installation)
  • No annual DHW sampling obligation (3-l rule)
  • No maintenance or chimney sweep costs
  • Diversification of fuel sources (biomass, heat pump, solar, gas as peak load boiler)
  • Subsidies if connected to heating networks

Technical specifications

  • Hot water output: 12 to 20 l/min
  • Heat output: 15 kW
  • Pressure loss, primary: 300 mbar
  • Max. pressure prim./sec.: 10/10 bar
  • Primary source: 40 to 95 °C
  • Low-temperature network: 40 °C (with integrated flow heater)
  • Additional electrical heating: 11 kW

Delivery date

Vitostation is available as of December 2023.


Download 4096x3133px (JPG 213 KB)

Image 1

The new Viessmann Vitoair FS PRO and Vitoair CS PRO ventilation systems are precisely tailored to meet the requirements of offices, daycare centers, shops, assembly halls and large residential complexes.

Download 3914x2621px (JPG 1 MB)

Image 2

New accessories are available for self-sufficient and efficient power and heat generation with the Viessmann Vitobloc 300 and Vitobloc 200 CHP units in the form of Schwarzstart Pro and ViNCI Buffer Management.

Download 4096x3487px (JPG 563 KB)

Image 3

Viessmann Vitomax boilers are available for all-electric operation or as a hybrid version combining forced air burners and electric cartridge heaters.

Download 4096x1664px (JPG 254 KB)

Image 4

Viessmann EC-Pro: standardized solutions, for example, comprising the heat pump cascade Vitocal 200-A Pro, heating water buffer cylinder Vitocell 050-E EC-Pro, Vitovolt photovoltaic system and a battery for electricity storage.

Download 3014x2715px (JPG 921 KB)

Image 5

Viessmann’s new Vitostation residential transfer station is designed for use in large residential complexes that are connected to heating networks or have central heating. The image shows the Vitostation S flush-mounted option.

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