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FörderSupport eliminates bureaucracy!

FörderProfi, the exclusive partner of Viessmann Climate Solutions, is one of the first providers on the market with a FörderSupport service in accordance with the BEG 2024 guidelines.

Applying for subsidies for the purchase or modernization of a heating system is often a time-consuming undertaking with a lot of bureaucracy. That is now a thing of the past. In 2024, Viessmann Climate Solutions added another service to its portfolio, FörderSupport, which specifically supports specialist trade partners in submitting funding applications to the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW). Always with the aim of achieving the highest possible subsidy amount for the end user's heating system.

Allendorf, March 25, 2024 – The FörderProfi is the ideal partner of Viessmann Climate Solutions when applying for state subsidies for the new or modernized heating system - the FörderProfi supports the installers right from the preparation of the BzA (confirmation of the application), through the review of all relevant documents, to the preparation of the BnD (confirmation after implementation). Viessmann Climate Solutions is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions.

People with neither time nor money to give away, should visit the website directly and secure attractive subsidies from the state. A special regulation is in place this year: eligible applicants can already commission and implement eligible projects for the replacement of heating systems (with the exception of the construction, conversion and extension of a building network). The funding application for the heating replacement must be submitted by 30 November at the latest - if the project begins by 31 August 2024.  

An online quick check - the FörderPrüfung - is carried out free of charge to determine whether the new system is eligible for a subsidy. The installer can provide the  necessary information on the technical details - if required. Once all the data has been entered, users can find out whether the new heat system is eligible for subsidisation.

If the result of the FörderPrüfung is positive, the FörderProfi will take care of the bureaucracy for a small fee. With FörderProfi tedious paperwork is finally a thing of the past. This allows the installers to concentrate on their core business.

FörderSupport offers light in the application jungle

With the new 2024 Federal Funding Directive for Efficient Buildings (BEG), the application for funding for heating system replacements has changed from the BAFA ("Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle" - Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) to the KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau). The new guideline means more work for our partners from the specialist trade: In order for end customers to receive their subsidies, our partners must register with the German Energy Agency (dena) and - in addition to calculating the heating load and hydraulic balancing according to procedure B - now also prepare a confirmation of the application (BzA) and a confirmation after implementation (BnD) and submit them to KfW. In order to obtain the highest possible subsidy rate, the documents must be prepared and submitted correctly, completely and on time. This not only costs time and nerves, but in the worst case also the satisfaction of the end customer if the highest possible subsidy rate is not achieved.

And this is exactly where FörderSupport comes in: The extended service reduces bureaucracy to a minimum and specialist partners can once again concentrate fully on their core business - the installation, maintenance and repair of air conditioning solutions. They will no longer waste valuable time.

Two packages that make life easier for our trade partners

With the "FörderSupport" package, FörderProfi takes care of preparing the application confirmation (BzA), including checking all relevant documents. The FörderProfi team works closely with the specialist trade so that the maximum amount of funding can be realised for the end user. It also prepares the confirmation after implementation (BnD), including checking and optimising the documents. The support package also includes checking the contract, the final invoice and all other necessary documents.

The "FörderSupport + HydroBalance" package includes all the services listed above plus a tool for calculating the heating load and hydraulic balancing. "FörderSupport + HydroBalance" is therefore the "all-round carefree" package and guides you safely and reliably through the subsidy jungle.

Benefits for market partners and users

  • FörderProfi, the exclusive partner of Viessmann Climate Solutions, is one of the first providers on the market with a FörderSupport service in accordance with the BEG 2024 guidelines.  
  • Supporting the specialist partners in the preparation of the BzA and BnD, including checking all relevant documents.  
  • In close cooperation between the FörderProfi team and the installers, the maximum possible subsidy amounts can be realised for the end customer.
  • Free funding check in advance with direct result on eligibility and funding amount.

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