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The new Viessmann Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system.

Allendorf (Eder), Jul 9, 2021 – Rising electricity prices are making self-generated electricity increasingly attractive. Compared to purchasing from the grid, operators of power generation heating systems also make themselves less dependent on the public supply. Freedom from your energy supplier is significantly greater if an electricity storage system supplements the system in place.

The new products at a glance

  • Viessmann continues the success story of the Vitovalor fuel cell heating device. Now in its fourth generation, it was the first fuel cell on the market to be operated with up to 20 percent hydrogen in the natural gas it uses.
  • The new Vitocharge VX3 hybrid electricity storage system complements the Vitovalor fuel cell heating device perfectly, as well as photovoltaic systems and solar-powered heat pumps. Inverters and up to three battery units are combined in a single device.

Vitovalor PT2 and PA2: even lower CO2  emissions with hydrogen

The new Vitovalor fuel cell heating devices are the first choice for anyone who wants to significantly reduce their carbon footprint while also becoming more independent of the public power supply. The current generation of this high-efficiency technology is already capable of nearly halving the CO2  emissions of a typical household. The next Vitovalor generation takes things one step further: it can be operated with a proportion of up to 20 percent hydrogen in its natural gas, which even succeeds in reducing CO2  emissions by a total of 65 percent.

The new compact Vitovalor PT2 with integral gas condensing boiler (11 to 32 kWth) and 220-liter DHW cylinder is designed for new build single- and two-family homes. There is also a fuel cell module, Vitovalor PA2, for retrofitting, for example, for systems that already have a modern gas condensing boiler. With a maximum return temperature of 50°C, both devices can also be installed in partially refurbished existing buildings.

Longer lifespan and higher electricity yield

In both the Vitovalor PT2 and Vitovalor PA2, the new, hydrogen-compatible fuel cell has an electrical output of 705 watts and a thermal output of 1000 watts. Its lifespan is 85000 operating hours. This is 5000 hours more than the predecessor model and corresponds to a service life of approx. 15 years. The increase in running time until the renewing of the stack from 45 to 120 hours contributes to a higher electricity yield. Servicing for the fuel cell is now only required every six years.

Energy management system optimizes consumption

The integrated energy management system optimizes the energy flows in the house. This means that the cheapest energy source in each case is used as household electricity or for charging an electric vehicle. Likewise, the state of charge of the electricity storage system, if present, is monitored and displayed in the  ViCare  app.

Simplified installation

The system integration of fuel cell, photovoltaic system and electricity storage system has been simplified extensively: only one meter is needed at the grid connection point. Originally, three meters had to be installed.

ViShare Energy Community

For the operator of a Vitovalor system, participation in the  ViShare Energy Community  is a great idea: If the generated electricity cannot be fully consumed, the surplus is fed into the grid as profitably as possible. If, on the other hand, more electricity is needed than Vitovalor generates, ViShare always provides 100 percent certified green electricity. All this is already included in the ViShare Pro Tariff. The contractual partner of the ViShare Energy Community is Energy Market Solutions GmbH.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Ideal system for new build single- or two-family homes, as well as professionally insulated existing buildings
  • Simplified installation
  • Only one meter at the grid connection point
  • Remote service

Benefits for users

  • Up to 40 percent lower energy costs and up to 50 percent lower CO2  emissions (up to 65 percent when using 20 percent hydrogen) compared to separate electricity and heat generation
  • Own electricity production for greater independence from the public grid
  • Quiet operation
  • Convenient control via ViCare app
  • High operational reliability
  • Long service intervals for low operating costs
  • Attractive state subsidies

Technical specifications

  • Fuel cell output: 705 Wel/1 kWth
  • Uninterrupted running time: 120 h
  • Lifespan of stack: 85000 h
  • Service interval: 6 years
  • Output peak load boiler (Vitovalor PT2): 11 to 32 kWh
  • Hydrogen admixture: up to 20 percent (fuel cell and peak load boiler)
  • Dimensions (length [depth] x width x height): Vitovalor PT2: 595 x 1200 x 1800 mm, weight: 326 kg | Vitovalor PA2: 595 x 600 x 1600 mm, weight: 140 kg
  • Efficiency label: A+++

Vitocharge hybrid electricity storage system: modular, compact and versatile

The hybrid electricity storage system  Vitocharge VX3  is what makes an efficiency system for electricity and heat supply perfect. It gives homeowners the opportunity to store electricity they have generated themselves and thus use it more efficiently, making it the ideal complement to power generation heating systems, photovoltaic systems and solar-powered heat pumps.

Modular design for outstanding customization

The Vitocharge VX3 hybrid electricity storage system combines an inverter and battery units in a single device. So there’s no need to invest in a separate inverter when purchasing a new energy system. This integrated solution also saves space. At the same time, the new Vitocharge VX3 is so flexible that it can also be used as an AC-coupled electricity storage system to an existing photovoltaic system or solely as a PV inverter – without batteries. The system can be retrofitted with batteries at a later date. This makes Vitocharge VX3 ready for all conceivable applications in single- and two-family homes.

Varying electricity consumption in single- and two-family homes requires a system that offers simple planning and a variety of storage sizes. The new hybrid electricity storage system is thus designed to be modular and can be adapted in no time to meet specific requirements. Up to three battery units each with 4 kWh of storage capacity can be connected to the inverter for up to 12 kWh in total. Each battery unit comprises a compact housing and two intrinsically safe lithium-ion battery cells. Compact dimensions and the option to mount the cylinder on the wall or install it on the floor save lots of space.

All of the information at a glance

The inverter has three direct current inputs (DC inputs): two inputs for connecting photovoltaic modules and the third for series connection of the battery units or even for photovoltaics. The AC connection can also be used to connect a fuel cell heating device to the home grid and thus to the hybrid electricity storage system/battery. The 3.5-inch black panel display in the control panel shows the current output of the power generator or the charging status of the battery.

The hybrid electricity storage system can be controlled using the energy management functions of the ViCare app. In this way, energy flows of the hybrid electricity storage system, as well as other system components of the overall system, can be visualized and the operating mode optimized.

For maximum operating convenience, the end customer can have Vitocharge VX3 connected via the Internet at their installation company. This means that they no longer need to worry about the operation of their electricity storage system – via  Vitoguide  the specialist partner always has an eye on the proper functioning of the system and can react quickly to an irregularity if necessary.

EEBUS connectivity for integration into energy management systems

The new VitochargeVX3 is one of the first hybrid electricity storage systems on the market to feature a standardized EEBUS interface for integration into energy management systems such as the GridBox. As the central control, it offers transparency in terms of energy flows and links the power-based components. The EEBUS interface makes the Vitocharge compatible with a whole host of applications and supports visualization and optimization in the system network.

Time-saving commissioning with the help of the ViStart app or the new Vitoguide.

The electricity storage system couldn’t be easier to install thanks to its modular design. Inverters and the battery units can be installed by one person. A multi-stage safety concept and the integrated protection against short circuit and reverse polarity when connecting the battery ensure maximum safety. During initial commissioning, the commissioning wizard integrated into the control panel supports the installer – or the installer can use the new Vitoguide or the ViStart app on their smart phone or tablet.

The new Vitoguide or the ViStart app enable quick and error-free commissioning of the Vitocharge VX3. Following activation of the Wi-Fi access point integrated into the hybrid electricity storage system, the app automatically forms a direct connection and guides the specialist partner through the entire commissioning.

Benefits for trade partners

  • One product for three primary applications in single- and two-family homes: Hybrid solution for the combined installation of a photovoltaic system and an electricity storage system | Retrofitting the electricity storage system to a photovoltaic system with existing PV inverter | Installation of a photovoltaic system with a PV inverter without an electricity storage system
  • Easy installation due to manageable weight of components (< 32 kg per unit)
  • Integrated protection against short circuit and reverse polarity when connecting batteries
  • Multi-stage safety concept and intrinsically safe lithium-ion batteries
  • Guided commissioning via Vitoguide
  • Perfectly matched Viessmann components for home automation and building equipment and appliances

Benefits for users

  • Space-saving flat design, for wall-mounted or floorstanding installation with pedestal
  • High efficiency due to low conversion steps during PV charging
  • AC charging of the battery for compatibility with the fuel cell is provided
  • Safe and durable lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) cells with high environmental compatibility, multi-stage safety concept
  • Optimal complement to existing energy systems
  • Fully automatic backup power function for supply in case of a power outage (optional)
  • Integrated energy management for full transparency through comprehensive energy monitoring and optimization of self-consumption
  • Access to the ViShare Energy Community of the Energy Market Solutions with the Pro Tariff or regular household energy tariff
  • Ten-year time value replacement guarantee on Vitocharge battery cells, more information at

Technical specifications

  • Battery
  • Usable storage capacity: 4 / 8 / 12 kWh
  • Dimensions of battery unit (width x height x depth): 600 x 500 x 250 mm
  • Inverter
  •   AC power: 4.6 kVA (single-phase), max. 7 kWp
  • Dimensions (width x height x depth): 600 x 500 x 250 mm
  • In preparation
  • Inverter unit 6 kVA (three-phase), max. 9 kWp
  • Inverter unit 8 kVA (three-phase), max. 12 kWp


Vitocharge VX3 is already available.

Further information

Further information on the efficiency systems for electricity and heat is available on the virtual platform


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Innovative solution for maximum independence from the public grid: Vitovalor PT2 fuel cell heating device with Vitocharge VX3 power storage system (right) from Viessmann.

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Image 2

The next generation of Vitovalor PA2 (left) and Vitovalor PT2 fuel cell heating devices can run on up to 20 percent hydrogen, reducing a household’s CO ₂ emissions by up to 65 percent.

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Image 3

The Viessmann Vitocharge VX3 can be used on its own as a PV inverter or with up to three battery units (4/8/12 kWh) as an AC-coupled electricity storage system or hybrid electricity storage system.

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