Charging station: electric vehicles are comprehensively integrated into the Viessmann Energy Management system

The new Viessmann Charging Station provides owners of e-cars with a powerful wallbox. It enables simple, safe and, above all, intelligent charging operation in conjunction with other system components, such as a Vitocharge VX3 power storage unit and a Vitovolt photovoltaic system.

Use your own green electricity effectively, for example with the Viessmann Charging Station.

July 05, 2023 –  Electricity-based energy systems are on the rise and of significant importance for the energy market. Around 73 percent of electric vehicle owners already have a charging option at home or have installed a wallbox. If the photovoltaic system is used for self-consumption, there is great potential to lower personal energy costs and additionally reduce the  CO₂ footprint.

With the new charging station, supplemented by a Vitovolt photovoltaic system combined with the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system, Viessmann offers intelligent integration of e-mobility into electricity-based energy systems for the first time. This complete solution makes it possible to charge electric vehicles intelligently, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Viessmann One Base: new digital electronic platform

The electronic platform Viessmann One Base platform allows the wallbox to be integrated directly into the Viessmann Energy Management process via the standardized EEBUS. The ViCare app gives users full transparency over the charging process and their charging history. The “Green Charging” function enables charging with pure solar power, for example. Using solar power to charge electric cars increases personal consumption of self-generated electricity, cutting mobility expenses for the increasingly expensive mains electricity.  

The user has the option to manually adjust the charging rate. This allows more solar power to be skimmed off through lower charging capacity, as otherwise it would always have to be supplemented with mains electricity.

High operational reliability due to overload protection

The Energy Management process also checks the maximum power that the domestic connection offers and adjusts the charging capacity automatically when several devices are being operated. Here, the power supply monitoring guarantees operational reliability.

Viessmann & Mennekes cooperation

For the new charging station, Viessmann Climate Solutions SE and MENNEKES Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG have entered into a cooperation. The great benefit of this cooperation is the optimal integration of expertise from both companies. Mennekes provides the hardware and represents high-quality, innovative and high-performance solutions in the areas of industrial plugs and sockets, electromobility and automotive. With Viessmann’s expertise, the charging stations are perfectly integrated into the Viessmann Energy Management.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Enhancing the product portfolio to include electric charging systems
  • All components for electricity-based energy systems from a single source
  • Coordinated system technology for easy installation
  • Easier installation using EEBUS in the ViGuide mobile app

Benefits for users

  • Wired connection to the Viessmann Energy Management system
  • Transparent charging processes and PV surplus charging in the ViCare app
  • Integrated MID meter to facilitate billing for company vehicles
  • Blackout protection thanks to automatic adjustment of charging capacity
  • LED status information
  • Integrated cable holder
  • RFID card system with user allocation via a mobile device
  • Eligible for subsidies from the German state-owned development bank, KfW

Technical specifications

  • Charging capacity: 3.7/11 kW (1-/3-phase)
  • Integrated DC fault current protection
  • Charging cable: type 2 (7.5m)
  • RFID card reader
  • Compatible with Viessmann One Base and Viessmann GridBox
  • Dimensions length (depth) x width x height: 259 x 220 x 475mm


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Viessmann’s new charging station is the ideal complement to a Vitovolt photovoltaic system with the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system.

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The perfect energy system for high self-sufficiency rates is a combination of photovoltaics, electricity storage system, heat pump and a wallbox for the electric car. Viessmann supplies all components for this from a single source.

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Image 3

In the ViCare app from Viessmann, the user selects the desired charging mode and has the details about the charging process at a glance.

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