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Adminprofi: Simple and time-saving registration of power generating systems with grid/network operators

Nationwide online registration service from a single source | Carry out the commissioning comfortably and digitally with only a few clicks | Integrated Viessmann product details

Simply register online with the Adminprofi

Allendorf (Eder), May 20, 2022 – With the new Adminprofi, Viessmann now offers its trade partners a reliable and time-saving solution for the installation and commissioning of electricity-based energy systems. This not only considerably simplifies the tedious bureaucratic process of registering photovoltaic systems, fuel cell heating devices and electricity storage systems with the respective grid/network operator but also allows trade partners to save valuable time that can be used for their core business. Trade partners also receive additional support through the possibility of ordering an individual single pole electric connection plan built to project specifications.

Time-saving online registration

After the successful online assignment, the Adminprofi team of experts reviews the information provided by the specialist partner. Subsequently, Adminprofi digitally submits the registration to the grid/network operator. Adminprofi takes over the communication with all parties involved until the feeding confirmation is received and subsequently prepares the commissioning. The team of experts of Adminprofi is personally available via hotline and email during the registration procedure. The registration is supported and processed from a single source.

Viessmann products already integrated

Adminprofi enables the registration of the Vitocharge VX3 electricity storage system and the Vitovalor PT2 and Vitovalor PA2 fuel cell heating devices. The Vitovolt PV module (the inverter integrated in the Vitocharge VX3), selected SMA inverters and wall boxes from the Viessmann range of products can also be registered. Other products are being prepared. All integrated products and prices are listed on the  Adminprofi website  and the  PartnerPortal.

What Adminprofi needs for the registration:

  • Ground plan of the building
  • Site plan/plot including outlined system
  • Picture of the open meter box and detailed picture of the master fuse(s)
  • Pictures of the rating plates of the existing systems (if applicable)
  • Signed Adminprofi power of attorney form (download at
  • Filled out online application via  Adminprofi website

Processing in three steps

1. Initiate application

Enter the information on the planned construction projects and upload the necessary documents with just a few clicks. The technical specifications of the Viessmann products to be used are added automatically.

2. Submit application

By submitting your application, the trade partner issues the fee-based order for the registration of the planned construction project.

3. Review and registration

Adminprofi reviews the order, adds required documents if necessary and then submits the application for registration. Adminprofi takes care of all further communication until the feeding confirmation is received and gives notification when the registration is successful. After that, the installation can be started.

Adminprofi’s service is geared towards the number of products to be registered.

  • Adminprofi Basic: One product (e.g. PV system incl. inverter)
  • Adminprofi Combination: Two products (e.g. fuel cell and electricity storage system)
  • Adminprofi System: Three to four products (e.g. PV system, electricity storage system and wall box)

All packages include the creation of a single pole electric connection plan (e-plan) built to project specifications that can also be ordered separately. If an e-plan has previously been ordered, the conditions of the registration service order takes are adjusted.

Online training in the Viessmann learning space

Theory and practice for Adminprofi is offered by the Adminprofi experts during online trainings in the Viessmann learning space. Interested trade partners can register via Viessmann’s PartnerPortal.

Questions can be answered by email to  or by phone at +49 6452 70-2799

Benefits for trade partners

  • No more time-wasting communication with representatives of the grid and network operator
  • More time for customers and their daily business
  • Less bureaucracy – Adminprofi takes care of the tedious paperwork
  • Simple use – online retrieval of required information
  • Automatic addition of technical specifications
  • Personal support from the Adminprofi experts


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With its new Adminprofi, Viessmann now offers its trade partners a reliable and time-saving solution for the installation and commissioning of electricity-based energy systems.

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