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A milestone for high-efficiency technology: Viessmann sells its 10000th fuel cell heating device in Germany

Essenpreis Heizung & Sanitär GmbH in Östringen acquires devices for customers in the Karlsruhe district | The carbon emissions of an individual home will be considerably reduced | Up to EUR 11200 from the state

Certificate presentation for the 10000th Vitovalor © Michael Dick

Allendorf (Eder)/Östringen, Jan 12, 2022 –  The fuel cell technology for the simultaneous generation of energy and heat in buildings keeps advancing. At the end of 2021, Viessmann sold the 10000th Vitovalor device to Essenpreis Heizung & Sanitär GmbH in Östringen. During the presentation of the certificate by Markus Dönges, head of product line management at Viessmann Deutschland GmbH, Managing Director Thomas Essenpreis said: "I am delighted that it was us who had the honor of hitting this special milestone." His brother Rüdiger Essenpreis added: "As a long-term partner of Viessmann, we have accompanied the market launch of this forward-looking technology from the beginning and considerably reduced the CO2  footprint of many of our customers." The 10,000th fuel cell heating device will be installed at a homeowner’s property in the Karlsruhe district in the coming weeks.

"Every user is making a big contribution to climate protection"

During the presentation of the certificate, Markus Dönges emphasized: "Every user of a Vitovalor is making a big contribution to climate protection. Our companies, Essenpreis and Viessmann, create living spaces for generations to come," continues Dönges, "and homeowners with fuel cell heating devices actively help to create these living spaces." In addition, this high-efficiency technology makes households less dependent on the public power supply and the increasing electricity prices. Plus, users can see their energy costs drop by up to 40 percent compared to the common solution of relying on the public grid for electricity through a conventional boiler, which is another advantage mentioned by Dönges.

Compact device and retrofitting solutions available

The Vitovalor fuel cell heating device, which was conceived for single- and two-family homes, is suitable for use in new and existing buildings. Vitovalor PT2 is the fuel cell compact device and is composed of two modules: the basis module with an integrated PEM fuel cell, a gas condensing boiler to cover the heat demand peak on particularly cold days as well as the cylinder tower with a DHW cylinder (220 liters) and the entire hydraulic system. There is also a fuel cell module, Vitovalor PA2, for retrofitting, for example, for systems that already have a gas condensing boiler. PEM fuel cell, gas processing and regulation are integrated in compact housing. In both devices, the Vitovalor PT2 and Vitovalor PA2, the fuel cell has an electrical output of 750 W, can operate for up to 45 hours without interruption and generates up to 18 kwh when operated continuously. With it, a common household can cover the majority of its daily energy needs autonomously and can reduce its CO2  emissions by up to 50 percent compared with a conventional boiler with electricity from the network.

New generation of devices for operation with hydrogen

The new generation of Vitovalor devices will be launched on the market this coming spring. In addition to a lifespan extended by 5000 hours to 85000 operating hours, and a service interval extended to six years, the new generation will be able to operate with natural gas containing a hydrogen admixture of up to 20 percent. Users can therefore be certain that their homes will continue to be supplied safely and reliably with energy and water in the future.

Attractive subsidies

The heating and power generation through fuel cells in new buildings and following the modernization of energy systems is subsidized by the state. This reduces the cost for acquiring the fuel cell unit for your home. The subsidy program will be introduced by the KfW under the name "energy-efficient building and modernization – fuel cell subsidy" (program number 433). This translates into a subsidy of up to EUR 11200 for the acquisition of a Vitovalor PT2 or Vitovalor PA2 device.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Simple, quick installation: only one exhaust system (Vitovalor PT2), no cold water connection needed for the fuel cell
  • Unlimited heating operation: meets peak demand through integrated gas condensing boiler (PT2) or existing gas condensing boiler (PA2)
  • Simple, split transport, less floor space
  • Accessories from the wall-mounted gas boiler program can be used

Benefits for users

  • Subsidy of up to EUR 11200
  • Reduction of CO2  emissions by up to 50 %
  • Energy costs savings of up to 40 %
  • Integrated calculation of power and gas quantities according to KWK regulations and energy tax compensation
  • Remote control and monitoring via smartphone or tablet
  • Worry-free package through maintenance contract with 10-year performance and functional warranty

Technical specifications

  • Fuel cell module (Vitovalor PT2 and PA2): Electrical output 750 W | Thermal output 1.1 kW
  • Gas condensing peak load boiler (Vitovalor PT2): Rated output11.4/19.0/24.5/30.8 kW
  • Energy efficiency category: A++

About Viessmann

Viessmann is the leading provider of climate solutions for all living spaces. Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering enables users to connect products and systems seamlessly via digital platforms and services for climate (heating, cooling and air quality) and refrigeration solutions. All its solutions combine renewable energy with maximum efficiency. All the activities of the family business established in 1917 are derived from its purpose statement: "We create living spaces for generations to come." Creating living spaces for future generations is the responsibility of the members of the Viessmann family around the world.


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Image 1

Thomas Essenpreis, Gerd Lehner (head of the Viessmann sales office in Karlsruhe) and Rüdiger Essenpreis (from left) during the presentation of the certificate for the 10000th Vitovalor fuel cell heating device. (Photo: Michael Dick)

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Image 2

Viessmann’s Vitovalor PT2 compact fuel cell device consists of a basic device (right) with PEM fuel cell and gas condensing boiler to meet the heat demand peak as well as the cylinder tower with a capacity of 220 liters.

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Image 3

The fuel cell module Vitovalor PA2 was especially designed to retrofit existing heating systems.

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