Viessmann Group expands activities in air quality and ventilation

In the global market for climate and energy solutions, the field of air quality and ventilation is playing an increasingly important role. Viessmann is tackling this challenge resolutely and focused on its goals.

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Allendorf (Eder),  Mar 2, 2019 – The family company Viessmann is expanding its activities in the field of air quality and ventilation. To drive new solutions in this growing global market segment, Dominik Berchtold, former CEO of the Zehnder Group, is joining the company and heading the newly established ViAir activities based in Switzerland. At the same time, Viessmann is looking into building strategic partnerships as well as further acquisitions in this field.

“For almost two decades, it has been our strategic focus to offer a comprehensive range of heating systems for all energy sources and applications – for residential buildings and industrial requirements alike,” says Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann, Chairman of the Viessmann Group. “We are now taking the next step in becoming a provider of integrated climate solutions.”

Ventilation systems have been an integral part of the comprehensive Viessmann product range for several years and are in high demand, especially in new buildings. But ventilation is no longer just a matter of comfort: according to the World Health Organization, WHO, nine out of ten people worldwide breathe polluted air. Every year, seven million people die from the effects of this.

The 102-year-old family company Viessmann has made it its mission to create living spaces for generations to come. Max Viessmann: “Our climate has changed dramatically – worldwide and especially in the cities. Providing the best possible air quality will be a cornerstone of our future product range, in which we will create a seamless user experience: by integrating all of our products into our digital services, such as ViCare and Vitoguide, as well as platforms like WiButler.”

I am delighted to be on board to play a part in this exciting journey.

Dominik Berchtold CEO ViAir

Against this backdrop, Dominik Berchtold, who was born in Switzerland in 1971, is joining the company. “Viessmann has the expertise, the passion, and the strength to take a huge step in the field of indoor air quality,” says Berchtold describing his personal motivation. In the future, he will work closely with Co-CEO Max Viessmann to seamlessly link this strategic core field with the company’s other solutions.

Co-creation has become an essential feature of everything we do, Max Viessmann emphasizes: “We support the entrepreneurial dynamism of each and every partner company. We ensure transparent access to all resources within the Group – especially in the fields of customer contact, research and development, procurement, and digital transformation.” Group CFO Dr. Ulrich Hüllmann adds: “Viessmann is shaped by the principles of a family company and by corporate responsibility. We are very conscious of our values and want our employees to grow. We are a company for entrepreneurs.”

The most recent investments and strategic partnerships in other fields have underlined this approach. These include:

  • PeWo – intelligent district heating solutions in central Europe
  • Etherma – electrical heating solutions in central Europe
  • Lämpöykkönen – full-range supplier of heat pumps in Finland.

Like the activities of ViAir, these activities are geared towards creating living spaces for generations to come. Dominik Berchtold: “This is a unique opportunity for the entire Viessmann Group. I am delighted to be on board to play a part in this exciting journey.”


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Heads the newly founded "ViAir" activities of the Viessmann Group: Dominik Berchtold

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