Viessmann Climate Solutions strengthens its German service network

Viessmann Climate Solutions strengthens its German service network by acquiring two companies in the greater Munich area. This means that the company's specialist partners in the service area will receive greater support in the future.

  • Acquisition of two companies in the greater Munich area
  • Support for specialist partners in the service sector

Allendorf (Eder) / Munich, Germany, April 10, 2024  – Viessmann Climate Solutions, part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions, today announced the acquisition of Waldhauser GmbH & Co. Wärmetechnik KG and Waldhauser GmbH. The company's specialists will increase the availability of service capacities locally in the Munich metropolitan region and thus strengthen a region with particularly high service requirements. Once the contractually binding orders have been processed, the specialists taken on will be specially qualified for devices from the Viessmann Climate Solutions SE portfolio and will then make their capacities exclusively available to the Viessmann Climate Solutions SE network of specialist partners.  

However, the increasing sales of heat pumps coupled with the prevailing shortage of skilled workers, particularly in the HVAC sector, requires additional efforts to ensure an acceleration in the expansion of service technician capacities in a timely manner. Another response is therefore the inorganic development of talent through acquisitions. The focus here is on specialists from related trades. Viessmann Climate Solutions will therefore systematically examine the market for opportunities and look in particular for large service-oriented companies from the refrigeration and electrical trades. In addition, inquiries from HVAC companies that are looking for a future for their employees and customers, e.g. due to a lack of succession, will also be examined and Viessmann Climate Solutions SE will be proactively approached. Viessmann Climate Solutions SE will conduct targeted searches in regions where traditional recruitment has not led to the desired success.

The climate solution provider VCS is carrying out this project in close coordination with its specialist partners. They will benefit from the efforts through reduced waiting times and more support in service, enabling them to develop their business profitably. This will be made possible by fully converting the acquired companies to the provision of services. These will be provided on behalf of Viessmann Climate Solutions SE or Viessmann Climate Solutions SE specialist partners. Possible inquiries for the installation of new heating systems are always referred to Viessmann Climate Solutions SE specialist partners in the respective region. This procedure is paired with a local and innovative offer of installation support from a qualified employee of the acquired company. This approach ensures the availability of additional specialists for the specialist partners, creates a practical transfer of knowledge and the availability of additional purchasing interests. In addition, improved support for existing orders is ensured and thus also contributes to the positive business development of the specialist partners.  

Traditionally, specialist tradespeople from HVAC companies install heat generators and offer service as required by the customer. The manufacturer is typically involved in warranty issues or for technical queries. However, the installation of heat pumps takes 2 to 3 times longer than that of gas condensing boilers. This leaves less time for other activities. In addition, many specialist tradespeople have not yet been able to build up the same level of expertise in heat pump technology as they have for fossil fuel heating solutions. As a result, Viessmann Climate Solutions SE, for example, is commissioned more than ten times more frequently to commission heat pumps. In addition, the need for telephone advice in connection with the ramp-up of heat pumps is also increasing. Overall, there is a significantly higher demand for service from tradespeople in relation to heat pumps.

At the same time, consumers are investing 3-4 times the value of wall-mounted gas appliances, i.e. amounts comparable to the purchase of a mid-range car. They expect a correspondingly long service life and regular optimization, which leads to a greater need for regular maintenance of the heating system by specialist tradesmen or manufacturers.

This exponentially growing need for service, combined with the shortage of skilled workers that has existed for years, results in longer waiting times, challenges for Viessmann Climate Solutions SE specialist partners in processing orders and dissatisfaction among end users. In response to this market change, Viessmann Climate Solutions SE has launched an Accelerated Service Transformation. This initiative includes internal and external optimization measures. For example, the existing service technicians are being trained to focus even more on heat pump technology and deployed more efficiently. At the same time, the recruitment campaign for service technicians launched in recent years is being intensified. In line with the efforts in 2023, Viessmann Climate Solutions SE plans to train and recruit almost 200 service technicians in core European markets, above all Germany, in 2024. In addition, there will be ongoing investment in efficiency improvements, e.g. in digital commissioning, remote system monitoring and maintenance services such as ViGuide.  

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Viessmann Climate Solutions strengthens its German service network

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