Record attendance - Over 40000 participants attended the online seminars of the Viessmann Academy

1300 online seminars in 27 countries and 23 languages - overall more than 40000 participants have taken advantage of the Viessmann Academy’s comprehensive online seminars on offer since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. The spotlight was especially on the gas condensing generation: With more than 5500 visitors it advanced to become the prototype for digitally-supported product introduction.

Allendorf (Eder),  Jul 6, 2020  – In times of coronavirus, professional and private further education is more frequently taking place online via PCs, tablets and smartphones. Since the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020, more than 40000 partners worldwide who are specialist installers / craftsmen or work in engineering or architecture firms have taken part in the Viessmann Academy’s comprehensive online seminars offerings. 1300 events in 27 countries and 23 languages were held during this period – not only in Germany, Switzerland and Austria but also in Italy, the USA and Canada. “When we look at these wonderful numbers, it becomes apparent how important digital offerings are in furthering professional education,” declares Thomas Heim, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) of Viessmann Climate Solutions.

In focus: Gas condensing boilers of the new Vitodens 200 generation

In Germany alone, more than 5500 partners visited the online seminars in  Viessmann’s learning spaces. One focus was the gas condensing boilers of the new Vitodens 200 generation, which were originally going to be introduced to the general public at this year’s spring trade fairs in Essen and Nuremberg. As a result of the cancellation of the trade fairs due to the coronavirus, the expert community used the internet to learn more about the new products. “The new Vitodens 200 wall and compact devices were introduced to the market right when the coronavirus pandemic was in full swing,” explains Dr. Stefan Hoffmann, head of the Viessmann Academy. “This made these new devices prototypes for successful, digitally-supported product introduction.”

The events on “Electricity & Heat” were an additional focus of the seminar participants. These concentrated on integrated system solutions for the power and heat supply of single and double-family homes and large residential buildings with heat pumps, fuel cells, and all-electric solutions with infrared and floor heating.

Online seminars participants have responded very positively to this opportunity for further education. “A good alternative during these times,” one specialist partner observes. Another adds, “All training should be offered in the online format; in-person seminars are only useful for installation training.”

Italy: Lockdown results in record participation

More than 13000 people in Italy took part in the Viessmann Academy online seminars. The high number of infections there had led to a complete lockdown. Many specialist partners used this time to bring their skills up to date. Particularly well-attended online events included those on Vitocal heat pumps and marketing topics. “In contrast to the usual face-to-face seminars, there is no danger of getting infected at our online seminars,” says Stefan Hoffmann. Another participant notes, “This saves an enormous amount of time and money compared with an on-site seminar. Online seminars increase people’s willingness to participate in training.”

Viessmann learning space provides a comprehensive online seminar selection

The online seminars offered generally last 90 minutes. Participants can ask the instructors questions like in traditional on-site seminars. Videos, which can be viewed in advance, tie in to the relevant topic. Handouts – documents that can be downloaded as PDF files on the participant’s PC or tablet – cover the main points of the respective topic and are available for participants to read at any time.

Trade partners can find the Viessmann Academy online seminars in the learning space. All that’s required is an internet connection. Since the learning space is a component of Viessmann’s digital services, participants can use the same login they use for the Vitoguide digital service center or the V+ partner program.  

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In times of Corona, online seminars are the ideal alternative to conventional face-to-face seminars. Since March of this year, over 40000 trade partners worldwide have already made use of the digital offer of the Viessmann Academy.

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In Germany alone, around 5500 partners have attended the online seminars in the Viessmann learning room since March 2020, with a particular focus on the new Vitodens 200 generation gas fired condensing boilers.

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