German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visits Viessmann: Guided tour of the production of ultra-modern heat pumps and exchange with representatives of the trade

Chancellor assists with heat pump production | Enablers of the energy transition: digital and renewable climate solutions as the key | Challenges of the energy transition can only be mastered together

Allendorf (Eder), Aug 9, 2022  – Today German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited Viessmann, one of the world's leading providers of sustainable air conditioning and renewable energy solutions. At the company's headquarters in Allendorf (Eder) in northern Hessen, he was particularly interested in the production of state-of-the-art heat pumps. In the future, heat pump technology will be one of the most important drivers for the success of the energy transition and the reduction of energy dependency.

Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors:  "The visit of our Chancellor underlines the importance and significance of the joint efforts of business, politics and society for the success of the energy transition in the building sector. It makes me proud to look back on what we have already achieved as a large Viessmann family and it encourages me for all that is still to come. I am convinced that we will succeed in facing the historical challenge - the energy transition in the building sector - in close cooperation with politicians."

Chancellor Olaf Scholz:  "I have looked into the many happy faces of the employees here at Viessmann. I have seen high-tech and state-of-the-art technologies that create heating and protect the climate. There is no doubt that this is a very important project - not only for Viessmann, but also for the German government, people and the entire world. I am also very pleased that the technologies I have seen here are technologies from Germany. At the moment, we still have to import almost all our energy, which is why the expansion of green climate solutions is more important than ever before. The use of fossil resources is also becoming more and more expensive, and life must remain affordable for people. Taking on and expanding a pioneering renewable role will also benefit the future of our country."

Max Viessmann, CEO of the Viessmann Group:  "The visit of the German Chancellor shows that the success of the energy and building transition has finally achieved the necessary priority in politics. We want to actively shape this solution path and follow it together. Because we are a family for positive change. For over 105 years. That is exactly what is needed now to successfully master this change: positivity."

Hundreds of Viessmann employees gave the Chancellor an enthusiastic welcome in the best summer weather before the guest from Berlin joined Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann and Max Viessmann, as well as company executives, for a discussion with trade entrepreneurs from all over Germany. It was no coincidence that this exchange marked the beginning of the high-level political visit: the craft trades have a key role in realising the energy transition. One of the biggest obstacles to this is the lack of skilled workers. According to figures from the ZVSHK, there will be a shortage of around 60000 installation technicians by 2030 in order to achieve the political goal of installing six million new heat pumps by then. The discussion therefore focused on new ideas and ways to increase the number of skilled workers as well as opportunities to install complex technology faster than before.

Olaf Scholz came into direct and practical contact with the heat pump technology of the future, which is already available today, during the subsequent tour of the production facility. Using an offset screwdriver, the Chancellor assembled two components of a highly innovative heat pump of the latest generation.

Digital and renewable climate solutions must be introduced as soon as possible. For all technological possibilities – connectivity, energy management systems, hydraulic balancing as well as heat pumps in combination with photovoltaic energy and solar thermal, plus central solutions such as district heating – every day, every Viessmann Climate Solutions employee create the requirements so that the company can offer the right solutions in the buildings and infrastructure.

Max Viessmann described the employees of his family business as enablers of the energy transition and a climate-neutral future, and highlighted the company's commitment to invest one billion euros in heat pumps and green climate solutions by 2025.

About Viessmann

Viessmann is the leading provider of climate solutions for all living spaces. The ‘Integrated Viessmann Solutions Offering’ enables users to connect products and systems seamlessly via digital platforms and services for climate (heating, cooling, air quality) and refrigeration solutions. All solutions are based on renewable energy and maximum efficiency. All activities of the family company, founded in 1917, are based on its purpose. "We create living spaces for generations to come" – that is the responsibility of Viessmann Climate Solutions.

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The Chancellor received an enthusiastic welcome from company employees on his arrival in Allendorf (Eder).

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From left: Matthias Godzik (Chairman of the Group Works Council), Alix Chambris (Vice President Global Public Affairs), Max Viessmann (Group CEO), German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann (Chairman of the Board of Directors), Thomas Heim (CEO Climate Solutions).

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The Chancellor supported the employees in production and joined two parts of a state-of-the-art heat pump.

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At the end of his visit, Olaf Scholz presented himself with the company's young talent or, as Max Viessmann put it, the next generation of enablers of the energy transition.

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Olaf Scholz visits Viessmann's sound laboratory. With elaborate test series, heat pumps and other air-conditioning solutions are made quieter and quieter.

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