GeoCollect and Viessmann Deutschland intensify strategic cooperation

Focus: Large systems with near-surface geothermal energy from 100 kW to 2 MW s

Dr. Frank Voßloh, Managing Director of Viessmann Deutschland GmbH (left), Prof. Dr. Klaus Wucherer, shareholder and Jan Bernd Faust, Managing Director of GeoCollect (4th and 5th from left) with the teams from Viessmann and GeoCollect at the ISH 2023. Photo: Viessmann

Chemnitz / Allendorf, Mar 27, 2023 – GeoCollect GmbH and Viessmann Deutschland agreed at the ISH 2023 fair to expand their strategic cooperation. In addition to the already practiced cooperation for systems up to 100 kW of heat output, the partners are now also focusing on the market for large systems up to about 2 MW. Near-surface geothermal energy, which is available almost everywhere, is one of the key components for the hundred percent renewable heat supply of buildings.

Jan Bernd Faust, Managing Director of GeoCollect GmbH:  "Together, we are a reliable partner for complete system solutions, even for large projects. Especially in existing and new inner-city neighborhoods, in cold district heating networks and in large single buildings, our surface- and energy-efficient collectors often make the use of renewable near-surface geothermal energy possible".

Dr. Frank Voßloh, Managing Director of Viessmann Deutschland GmbH:  "The integration of the GeoCollect system into Viessmann's overall technical competence opens up new opportunities for both partners to support their customers with innovative solutions in coping with the challenges of the energy and heat transition, decarbonization, reducing CO2  emissions and reducing dependence on raw material imports."

With GeoCollect collectors, ground-source heat pumps use solar energy stored in the ground highly efficiently. For standard design, only one-third of the heated building area is required for the collector field. Installation on several levels also makes geothermal energy use possible on narrow inner-city plots. The absorbers, which can also be laid in drinking water protection areas due to their special shape, extract significantly more heat from the ground than simple pipe collectors.

The now agreed strategic cooperation applies to systems in which the GeoCollect system is used as the sole heat source, as well as to installations with hybrid sources. In combination with PVT modules, energy fences or air-solar absorbers, the earth accessed by GeoCollect collectors serves as a temperature-stable heat source and seasonal heat storage. This achieves high annual efficiency ratios even at higher flow temperatures, which is particularly advantageous for existing buildings. Already tested hydraulic components for managing hybrid systems allow the use of the currently most advantageous heat source and, among other things, the regeneration of the ground through solar surpluses. In combination with a correspondingly designed surface heating system, energy-efficient, regenerative cooling of buildings (natural cooling) is possible.

The GeoCollect system is installed exclusively by GeoCollect trained and certified installation partners or experienced Viessmann partner companies.


About GeoCollect

Founded in 2012 and based in Chemnitz since 2018, GeoCollect GmbH is the market and innovation leader in the use of near-surface geothermal energy for building heating systems in Germany. The company produces patented and utility model-protected geothermal absorbers, distributes them and provides extensive service and planning support. Since its founding, approximately 5000 systems with a capacity of approximately 50000 kilowatts and a saving of approximately 10000 tons of CO2  per year have been realized.

About Viessmann

The family company Viessmann was founded in 1917 as a local garage for heating technology. Today, it has become a global, broadly diversified Group with a total revenue of over 4 billion euros. The Climate Solutions and Refrigeration Solutions business areas include sustainable solutions in heating, cooling, water and air quality. Under Viessmann Investment, the Group bundles all strategic partnerships and investments in mid-sized companies. The diversification unit VC/O manages all venture capital investments in early-stage technologies, including Maschinenraum as a growing ecosystem for family companies. The development and operations of sustainable buildings are led by the diversification area Real Estate. The Viessmann Foundation coordinates all social commitments and represents the social responsibility of the family business. All activities are based on the company’s purpose "We create living spaces for generations to come". This is the responsibility that the large Viessmann family faces every day.


Press contact  GeoCollect:
Volker Lehmkuhl
T: +497032 920670

Press contact Viessmann:
Byung-Hun Park
Vice President Corporate Communications
T: +49151-64911317


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Dr. Frank Voßloh, Managing Director of Viessmann Deutschland GmbH (left), Prof. Dr. Klaus Wucherer, shareholder and Jan Bernd Faust, Managing Director of GeoCollect (4th and 5th from left) with the teams from Viessmann and GeoCollect at the ISH 2023. Photo: Viessmann

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