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One for all: The new electronics platform from Viessmann

Apr 22, 2021  – Uniform handling of the different heat generators during installation, maintenance and service simplifies day-to-day work considerably. Gone are the days of different error codes, with meanings that had to be looked up in a manual. Gone too are the days where the subsequent expansion of an energy system was a challenge. The new electronic platform is designed for networking digital services with energy systems such as heat pumps, ventilation systems and electricity storage systems.

Aside from controlling heat generators and peripheral devices, it offers simple and quick access to the  ViCare  and  Vitoguide  apps. This makes it easier for specialist partners to carry out commissioning and remote monitoring of their customer systems.

Homeowners benefit from the simple operation through the ViCare app. The architecture of the new electronic platform also enables single room regulation and control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Menu-guided commissioning and digital documentation

Specialist partners save time with menu-guided commissioning. The system parameters are synchronized simultaneously with the Vitoguide app. This means that any fine tuning to the system that is subsequently required and the adjustment of parameters is possible online at any time. A device self test confirms that all installed components are working properly at the end of commissioning.

A handover certificate is generated for documentation purposes and a digital project file is created. This means the system can adapt quickly to changed conditions after an update: for example, after an expansion with an electricity storage system.

Simple error diagnosis

Five groups of user-specific information and error codes are available to detect malfunctions at an early stage; these are consistent for all systems thanks to the new electronic platform. This includes the current operating status and the indication of upcoming maintenance.

Specialist partners receive detailed error information with Vitoguide including recommend actions for troubleshooting. A malfunction can often be eliminated remotely by optimizing parameters online, which means it is not necessary to travel to the customer.

Uniform hardware – fewer spare parts

The new electronic platform offers specialist partners a series of additional benefits, such as comprehensive standardization and uniform hardware. This means they have to hold fewer spare parts. The previous device state can be restored again following a guided replacement of spare parts simply by using the backup and restore function.

Standardized electronic and hydraulic diagrams are also available regardless of the type of energy production. Uniform sensors also help to simplify maintenance. Displays that are used to communicate with the energy generator are largely identical except for the differences in the system technology (heat pump, gas condensing boiler, etc.).

High level of sustainability

The new electronic platform extends the possibilities of the ViCare app. In conjunction with the similarly new Viessmann energy management system, ViCare will become a transparent application for electric and coupled thermodynamic-electric energy systems from Viessmann. Aside from controlling components, the energy management groups connected devices such as Vitocal heat pumps, the  Vitocharge VX3  electricity storage system and thermodynamic DHW cylinders together online to form an overall system.

In addition to regular software updates, the homeowner has the security of being able to integrate further system components at any time, for example a heat pump to reduce CO2 emissions or a PV system to generate their own electricity and an electricity storage system to increase their own consumption. The compatible portfolio is provided through an update. This guarantees operational reliability over the entire product life cycle.

Benefits for trade partners

  • Seamless expansion of an energy system with further components – also retroactively
  • System parameterization and remote monitoring with Vitoguide avoid maintenance assignments on site
  • Simple menu-guided replacement of spare parts
  • Backup and restore function for simple restoration of the previous device state after the replacement of spare parts
  • No manual control settings
  • Direct display of system expansions with Vitoguide with an automatic update
  • Uniform presentation of error codes across all devices
  • Service hotline for Viessmann devices with the new electronic platform

Benefits for users

  • High level of operational reliability and sustainability with networked products and regular updates
  • Quick and simple system expansion with system components from Viessmann’s Integrated Solution Offering
  • Direct display of system expansions in the ViCare app
  • Secure and encrypted data transfer
  • Repeater for extended radio range

Further information

Further detailed information on the new electronic platform can be found on the virtual platform


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Image 1

The new electronic platform from Viessmann makes it easier to combine different components to form an efficient overall system. In the image (from left to right): Heat pump, DHW cylinder, electricity storage system, home ventilation and photovoltaic module.

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Image 2

Displays, error codes and much more, they are largely identical to the new electronic platform except for the differences in the system technology (heat pump, gas condensing boiler, etc.).

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Image 3

Aside from controlling heat generators and peripheral devices, the new Viessmann electronic platform also offers simple and quick access to the Vitoguide service tool for system monitoring and remote maintenance.

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