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Guide through the subsidy jungle

At the beginning of 2020, many grant conditions changed. The Viessmann “Förderkompass” (grant compass), which can be downloaded for free, gives system operators an overview. Current highlights: a grant of up to 9300 euros for the Vitovalor fuel cell heater and up to 45% of the total costs covered by the state for the installation of a heat pump.

Allendorf (Eder),  Jan 23, 2020 – How much is the grant for installing a heat pump? Are there still grants for replacing an old oil heating system? The amended Market Incentive Program (MAP) of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control has fundamentally changed the way new heating systems are subsidized. The fixed grant has been changed to a proportional grant, and the amount of the grant now mainly depends on the CO2  emissions of the heating system. For fuel cell heaters, on the other hand, the grant provided by the German Development Loan Corporation’s (KfW) Program 433 will remain in place: Vitovalor operators receive up to 9300 from the KfW. However, the flat-rate electricity remuneration under the Combined Heat and Power Act is currently suspended.

If you want a quick overview of the new grant conditions and rates, take a look at Viessmann’s new Förderkompass (grant compass). The leaflet is the ideal guide through the grant jungle. A table shows at a glance how much energy costs and CO2  are saved by which heating system, and what percentage of costs is subsidized by the state. If you are interested, download the “Förderkompass 2020” PDF for free from our  Förderkompass-site.

Heat pumps subsidized at 35 percent of the purchase and installation costs

The maximum grant is available for the installation of heat generators that use renewable energies. For example, heat pumps in new buildings and modernization projects are subsidized at 35 percent of the purchase and installation costs. If the heat pump replaces an old oil boiler, this figure is even 45 percent. For a system with a Vitocal 300-G brine/water heat pump (10.4 kW), buffer and hot water tank, and GeoCollect geothermal absorbers, this can be well over 11000 euros, depending on installation costs, or over 14000 euros if the heat pump replaces an oil boiler.

Important: Applications must be submitted before the start of the project

Whether you are installing a heat pump, a pellet boiler, or a gas condensing boiler with solar panels: it is important that you submit your application to the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control before the project begins.

FörderProfi: the quick and easy way to a grant

Building owners and tradesmen can find out whether the planned new heating system is subsidized by using the free  FörderProfi  (grant pro) from Viessmann. If you wish, the FörderProfi can also take care of the entire process for a small fee – from the application to the payment of the grant. As soon as the applicant has given their authorization, the experts from FörderProfi will submit the application. The grant is then normally approved within 48 hours.


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The new Subsidy Compass 2020 from Viessmann provides a quick overview of the new subsidy conditions and subsidy rates of the market incentive programme.

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The state pays 35 percent of the purchase and investment costs when installing a brine/water heat pump such as the illustrated Vitocal 300-G, and 45 percent when replacing an old oil boiler.

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