Viessmann Deutschland builds Germany’s third largest solar thermal system for Stadtwerke Lemgo

Viessmann Deutschland GmbH has been commissioned with the planning and provision of what will be Germany’s third largest solar thermal system, once it is finished at the beginning of 2022. The offer is based on the Vitosol 200-T tube collector, type SPX, which Viessmann relaunched last year specifically for large solar thermal systems, such as those required for district heating. The product impressed Stadtwerke Lemgo GmbH in both technical and economic terms.

3D animation of a partial field of the solar thermal system of Stadtwerke Lemgo.

Allendorf (Eder), May 12, 2021  – In Lemgo, which is located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, preparations for construction of the as yet third largest solar thermal system in Germany have commenced. The system will produce more than 3.3 million kilowatt hours of heat from solar energy, corresponding with a heat demand of 150 households. It will have a collector field amounting to a total area of 9181 m2. The order includes the planning and construction of the turnkey solar thermal system, including the corresponding technology building. Stadtwerke Lemgo is therefore a pioneer when it comes to the restructuring of distance heating in Germany as a step toward promoting more renewable energies.

Construction of the solar thermal system will begin as soon as the approvals have been granted. The system will be completely operational by the start of 2022 and lead to a significant reduction in the amount of CO2 emissions in Lemgo from then on. The facility will be the third large solar thermal system, which has been planned and built in Germany by Viessmann. In 2018, a large solar thermal system for the bio-energy village in Mengsberg was installed and in 2019, another one was put into operation in Moosach near Munich. Compared to the one in Mengsberg, the system in Lemgo is more than three times as large and demonstrates that the large-scale use of solar thermal energy as a heat source is gaining in importance in Germany and that the size of the systems is increasing.

“We are proud that Stadtwerke Lemgo has selected us as a partner for this lighthouse project for this region and beyond and that we were able to impress in both technical and economic terms thanks to our integrated Viessmann Solution Offering. Solar thermal energy offers a tremendous amount of potential as part of the district heating supply in Germany. Moreover, solar energy is absolutely clean, the technology is reliable and the price is competitive,” says Frank Voßloh, Managing Director of Viessmann Deutschland GmbH.

The solar thermal system is part of Stadtwerke Lemgo’s iKWK project. The abbreviation stands for an innovative coordinated combination of renewable energies with an efficient combined heat and power system. This entails adding a heat pump to the solar thermal system, which will use heat from the Bega River to generate district heating. Both systems combined will produce more than 7000 megawatt hours of district heating from renewable energies a year, thus saving around 1800 tons of CO2 emissions annually.

“We would like to thank all of those involved that we can now start with the construction of this important innovative district heating project and all new climate-friendly generation plants can go into operation at the same time at the start of 2022. With Viessmann, we are pleased to have found a technologically and economically strong partner for the realization of the solar thermal system,” says Arnd Oberscheven, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Lemgo.

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3D animation of a partial field of the solar thermal system of Stadtwerke Lemgo.

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3D animation of part of the solar thermal system planned by Viessmann for Stadtwerke Lemgo.

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