A future with lots of potential lies ahead of us: Viessmann Turkey celebrates its 25th anniversary

Viessmann and its partners celebrate a quarter of a century of success in Turkey. After 25 years of excellence in business operations, Viessmann Turkey’s range of solutions is now being expanded to include the fields of air and water quality.

The Viessmann production facility in Manisa near Izmir, opened in 2013

Istanbul, Turkey,  Nov 8, 2019 – Together with partners and customers, Viessmann looks back at 25 years of successful collaboration in Turkey. At the anniversary celebration in Istanbul, the focus was not only on the most important milestones in this success story – most recently the 2013 opening of the plant in Manisa. The family-owned company wants to continue creating living spaces for generations to come with its partners in the future: a new generation of equipment with integrated Internet access is planned for 2020.

25 years after Viessmann Turkey was founded, the world is at a turning point, said Max Viessmann at the anniversary celebrations in Istanbul. “Our choices will determine how future generations will live.” The company takes this changing awareness into account in its mission statement: “We create living spaces for generations to come”.

"Our world is changing at an ever-faster pace," the Co-CEO continued. This is especially the case with regard to climate change. “2019 was the hottest year since records began. We must address this problem, and we must do it together,” Max Viessmann emphasized. He commented that Turkey had recognized the need for fundamental changes and, together with the German government, had committed to reducing carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency, and using renewable energies.

In this context, Viessmann Turkey will make a crucial contribution to developing solutions for the global challenges ahead. “With a proven openness to change and enthusiasm for the joint search for opportunities, Turkey is exemplary within the Viessmann family,” Max Viessmann said. He commented that the first 25 years are just the beginning. The company is now deeply rooted in the country and has big plans.

For CSO Thomas Heim, the focus is on Viessmann’s integrated range of solutions: "We will continue to offer the right products and solutions for heating and cooling in the future, and we will build on these to include water and air quality. In addition, we will offer the appropriate connectivity solutions as well as other (digital) services."

From importer to local producer and exporter

25 years of experience and excellence in business operations have made Viessmann Turkey one of the leading players in the field of Climate Solutions. The most important milestone on this path was the inauguration of the Manisa plant in 2013, with an investment in the tens of millions of euros. “We have exported the products manufactured in Turkey overseas from day one,” said Dr. Celalettin Çelik, CEO Viessmann Turkey. “In this way, we went from being an importer to a local producer and exporter.” At present, around 70 percent of the wall-mounted gas appliances manufactured in Manisa are exported.

In Turkey, Viessmann employs some 300 people in production and sales. In addition to production in Manisa and the distribution center in Istanbul, the company operates ten regional branch offices and supplies several hundred partners and more than 300 service points. “We are particularly proud that we have built up a seamless supplier ecosystem here in Turkey,” Dr. Çelik continued. Another aspect of the positive development is the integration of the R & D activities at the Manisa site.

Even in times of economic fluctuation, Viessmann Turkey is therefore optimistic about the future. The company was able to gain market share in a difficult environment in 2019; noticeable growth is expected for 2020.

About Viessmann

Viessmann is continuously evolving from a heating technology manufacturer to a solution provider for the entire living space. To this end, the company develops seamless climate solutions that provide the human environment with the optimum room temperature, hot water, electricity, and good air quality in equal measure. In its integrated range of solutions, Viessmann seamlessly connects products and systems based on the right energy sources via platforms and digital services. Viessmann also offers a wide range of additional services. Striking the right balance between renewable energy sources and maximum energy efficiency in fossil fuels is paramount. The family business has been guided by values and a long-term outlook since its foundation in 1917. This is reflected in the company’s overarching mission statement: “We create living spaces for the generations to come”. This is the responsibility of the members of Viessmann around the world.  


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The Viessmann production facility in Manisa near Izmir, opened in 2013.

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Prof. Dr. Martin Viessmann, Chairman of the Viessmann Group, during his welcoming address at the ceremony marking 25 years of Viessmann Turkey.

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Max Viessmann, Co-CEO of the Viessmann Group: "Our world is changing at an ever faster pace."

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From the left: Dr. Celalettin Çelik, Max Viessmann and Thomas Heim

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