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Successful website with improved performance | Focus on renewable energies | Easier and quicker access to service tools for private and industrial customers Successful website with improved performance

Allendorf (Eder),  Jun 20, 2022  – Viessmann, an internationally active family business, has relaunched, the first of over 40 country-specific websites, following a comprehensive overhaul. The goals behind the relaunch were to develop a new intuitive design and to improve the page speed and the user-friendliness of the website. The new websites also focus even more on Viessmann’s renewable energy solutions, accentuate Viessmann’s position as THE heat pump brand and offer even more tools and services to inform customers and interact with them.

"When it comes to the evolution of Viessmann’s websites, we have made a huge step forward with the new and now offer even more comprehensive information and services for everyone interested in our green climate solutions. We are sure that it will be the perfect companion for our users and partners along their own personal energy transition," says Ivo Hoevel, Vice President Marketing.

"We designed our new website with users in mind. In doing so, the user experience and user-friendliness were always at the forefront. By subdividing the website into areas for private and industrial customers with different viewing modes, we want to ensure that all stakeholder groups can find their way around our website and be able to access the information and services that they need in an uncomplicated manner," adds Laura Hümbs, Head of Global Digital Marketing & Sales Operations.

With around 14 million pages views per year, the German Viessmann website is currently the Group’s domain with the largest reach. It is the first project that is now live. The following key aspects were at the core of the website’s overhaul:

  • Layout & design:  The website has a new and intuitive layout that is divided into new, separate areas for private and industrial customers. Taking the “mobile-first” approach as a basis, we not only considered mobile devices but also the actual design of smartphones themselves. At present, roughly half of the visitors access the website via their smartphones.
  • Focus on renewable energy solutions:  Green Viessmann solutions are even more visible and easier to find on the new website. Through a new intuitive product catalog with many filters available, users can now narrow down their searches for specific products. Climate solutions that use renewable energies are displayed more prominently. The website thus also addresses the increased interest in non-fossil fuels, which has been observed since the end of February in particular.
  • Website structure optimized for search engines:  The structure and content of the website were adjusted so that users can find the information they need faster and to bring interesting content to their attention. Through a focus on editorial and technical search engine optimization, the individual content pages are now easier to find via search engines such as Google or Bing.
  • New and optimized service tools:  Some applications, such as the Viessmann reference gallery, were reworked and their page speed considerably increased in order to improve the new through their integration. The Viessmann chatbot, which was tested on the previous website during over 1,600 bot sessions, was integrated across the entire new website and helps users to find content and answers to their questions even more quickly. The new product finder developed last year is also back on the new website and recommends suitable system products depending on the respective needs and living spaces.
  • Data-based and customer-centric development:  In order to put the focus of the overhaul on concrete demands and wishes of users, all decisions concerning the redevelopment were met based on customer data obtained both quantitatively and qualitatively. In addition to assessments from web analyses, Viessmann used user surveys on the current pages as well as UX tests with external test subjects in order to define the perfect structure, a new menu structure and the main focus areas in terms of content for the new website.

The relaunch of is the first of over 40 website relaunches to follow in the coming months. The relaunch of the websites for Viessmann Italy and Viessmann France is only a few days away.

About Viessmann

Viessmann, a family business, was founded in 1917 as a heating technology manufacturer and is now a global leader in sustainable climate (heating, cooling, water and air quality) and renewable energy solutions. Viessmann’s integrated solution offering seamlessly connects products and systems via digital platforms and services, creating a customized pleasant atmosphere for users. All activities are based on the mission statement "Designing living spaces for generations to come." That is the responsibility that guides the 13000 members of the Viessmann family and their (trade) partners every day.


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Viessmann, an internationally active family business, has relaunched, the first of over 40 country-specific websites, following a comprehensive overhaul.

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Designed with users in mind – the user experience and user-friendliness were always at the forefront during the development of the new websites. The new subdivision into private and industrial customer areas ensures that all users can easily access the information and services they need.

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