Start at Home

The final episode of "Start at Home" with Laura Dahlmeier – Now the concrete planning of her wooden house can start.

In the third and for the time being, last episode of the “Start at Home" series with Laura Dahlmeier, the former top biathlete gets tips and inspiration from luge legend Georg "Schorsch" Hackl.

This means she is now almost a pro when it comes to the sustainable and climate-friendly use of energy when building a house. Together, the two former top athletes set out on a ski tour on the Jenner, whose cable car is also operated with forward-looking and regenerative energy technology.  

The Jenner Lift

Innovative Viessmann technology that uses renewable energies is used at all three stations of the lift – the bottom, middle and top stations. This makes it clear that ski lifts and ropeways are also ideally suited to using regenerative energies in the interests of sustainability.

Tips from the luge legend  

For his own home, Georg Hackl has chosen a sustainable, energy-saving heating solution: In the garden, ground collectors collect heat from the environment to bring the living space to a comfortable temperature via the heat pump. "When the sun shines, I am happy that I can produce my own electricity," explains the former top athlete, who also has a photovoltaic system on the roof. Part of the solar power generated with it is stored in an electricity storage unit to be used on less sunny days. This means Georg Hackl can turn up the heating at any time without generating CO₂. Laura was also impressed by the well-thought-out technology in "Schorsch's" house.  

Own house building project plans become more concrete  

For Laura Dahlmeier, the visit to Jenner was extremely informative. With Schorsch Hackl's helpful tips, she learned more about Viessmann's product portfolio and now has an even better understanding when it comes to implementing her own house building plans.  

Anyone who has not yet seen the first two parts of the series should definitely do so. In the  first part, Laura and her mother Susi are advised by technicians on their upcoming house building plans. The former top biathlete makes it clear how important nature is to her and that it is important for her to do something to protect it.  

The  second part  of the series takes place mainly in the chalet village of Priesteregg where Laura finds out about environmentally friendly and highly innovative heating technology and talks to a Viessmann expert.  

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