Athlete profile

Tim Grotian - Biathlon


Two-time vice junior world champion

Junior European champion

IBU Junior Cup overall winner





Chief customs guard


SC Mittenwald


Sports in general. I am outdoors a lot and like to spend time in nature.

Role model

Laura Dahlmeier – I met Laura at the training base and saw how focused she was on working to achieve success. She is something of a perfectionist who has tried to adjust every setting to achieve optimal performance. But she has always been a completely natural person.

What's important to me

It is important to me to preserve the beauty and diversity of the natural world for the generations to come and to help counteract climate change. That is the reason why I decided to convert my home to solar energy last year. Viessmann expertise was invaluable to me in doing this.

Viessmann was already supporting me [...] as part of the junior team. So I am looking forward to having Viessmann on my side in the future as well. Working together in this framework of familiar, reliable cooperation is worth GOLD.

Tim Grotian Biathlete


When his family moves to Mittenwald, Tim discovers winter sports at the age of five. Mittenwald is also where he first takes part in alpine skiing competitions. At the age of ten, he switches to the biathlon, training at the base in Kaltenbrunn. In 2018, he makes his international debut at the Junior World Cup in Otepää. One year later, Tim celebrates his biggest success so far at the Junior World Cup in Osrblie, where he wins silver with the relay team. In the 2018/19 season, he also wins the overall ranking of the IBU Junior Cup. In Lenzerheide in 2019/20, he repeats his success at the Junior World Cup 2018/19, again taking silver with the relay team.

2017/18 season

International debut

In 2018, Tim makes his international debut at the Junior World Championships in Otepää, demonstrating consistent performance and improving from one race to the next. He takes sixth place with the relay team.

2018/19 season

Youth European champion, vice junior world champion

As in the previous season, Tim competes in the IBU Junior Cup. At the Youth European Championships in Sjusjøen, he wins a medal in each race: European champion in individual, silver in sprint and bronze in both pursuit and the team competition. He secures his biggest success to date at the 2019 Junior World Championships in Osrblie, where he wins the silver medal with the relay team. At the end of the season, Tim wins the big crystal ball and thus the overall ranking of the IBU Junior Cup.

2019/20 season

Unwavering success

As in the previous year, when Tim secured his biggest success to date, he wins the silver medal with the relay team again at the 2020 Junior World Championships.

2020/21 & 2021/22 season

The rocky road to the top

The season 2020/21 starts for Tim, corona conditioned, far from optimal. Due to numerous competition cancellations, he can mostly only excel in training and as a result misses out a place in the IBU Cup line-up. In the further course of the season no competitions take place, so that he cannot prove himself anymore. In the following season Tim is not able to qualify for the IBU Cup team in the elimination races and competes in the Alpencup and the German Cup.

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