Laura Gaworczak

My work contributes directly to the most important goal of our time.

At the new Viessmann site in Legnica, intern Laura is in the thick of things. She’s beginning her career at Viessmann’s new heat pump production facility, which will drive forward Europe’s energy transition.

Every morning at eight o’clock, Laura is at the greenfield project construction site in Legnica. A new facility is being built there that will supply the whole of Europe with heat pumps. Various construction teams and contractors are still at work, so it can easily get a bit hectic. The Viessmann project team comes by every day to see how things are progressing, and to talk to the workers about the next steps and any challenges.

But Laura doesn’t mind getting up early. On the contrary: “I look forward to visiting the construction site every morning. After all, this isn’t something I can study at university. The jargon is fascinating. I try to understand everything and put it into context,” she says. Laura, who’s 20 years old and comes from Glogau, is completing an internship in project management at Viessmann in Legnica and has been studying business management and leadership for two years. This isn’t a technical degree, so the hands-on topics she deals with on a daily basis are quite distinct from her academic studies. “Every day here is different, and there are many challenges to overcome,” Laura says.

From the construction site, Laura goes to her office, which at the moment is still in a Portakabin, and dedicates herself to the day’s tasks. She supports her team mainly by assisting the purchasing process. She’s also responsible for photographing progress on the construction site.

The team is great and I always get support when I need it

Laura Gaworczak Intern at Viessmann

The fact that Laura is pretty much the only woman at the site, and probably the youngest, doesn’t bother her: “The team is great and I always get support when I need it.” The friendly atmosphere fuels her daily enthusiasm, she says: “It’s exciting that I get to experience the practical side of what I’ve only learned theoretically in class.” This way, she says, she’s already gaining much valuable experience for her later professional life right at the start of her career. In fact, Laura reflects briefly, that is what motivates her the most.

When Laura speaks about the huge project in Legnica, she always says “we”. She talks proudly, for instance, about the energy efficiency of the new production facility: “We’ll be using exclusively green-certified electricity there, and the photovoltaic roof can also generate energy.”

The significance of Laura’s role in Legnica

Laura’s ambitious plans and designs are also reflected in her leisure activities: she’s a professional horse rider. She takes part in competitions every other weekend and trains in between. She also enjoys traveling.

Laura is confident about the significance of her role: “My work contributes directly to the most important goal of our time,” she says. Viessmann’s site in Legnica is a central component of the company’s green climate solution initiative. Laura knows that the new technologies being employed there are pioneering for sustainability and automation.