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Vanessa Voigt - Biathlon


Relay Bronze at the Olympic Games

One-time World Cup podium

IBU Cup overall champion




Zoll Ski Team


WSV Rotterode e.V.


Being creative

Role model

Matthias Steiner

What's important to me

Family and order

After the wonderful support I already received when I was on the Viessmann Junior Team, I’m glad to be partnering with Viessmann again. I look forward to our years together.

Vanessa Voigt Biathlete


At eight years old, Vanessa and her twin brother, Kevin, start cross-country skiing. In 2010, she transfers to the skiing high school in Oberhof to take advantage of the better training conditions. Because it has been her childhood dream to become a biathlete, she soon takes her first shots with a biathlon rifle and feels immediately comfortable. She soon becomes successful, winning the German Cup in her age group during the 2015/16 season. The following year, she has her first race in the IBU Junior Cup and also climbs the podium for the first time. At the 2017 Junior World Championships in Brezno-Osrblie, she wins the silver medal with the relay team. In the 2020/21 season Vanessa wins the IBU Cup overall ranking and also celebrates her World Cup debut. Only one year later she becomes the high-flyer in the German team. Vanessa shows consistently good performances, sensationally finishes second in the Otepää sprint and crowns her season with relay bronze at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

2016/17 season

International debut and first medal

Vanessa takes part in her first international race in the 2016/17 season at the IBU Junior Cup and directly secures a spot on the podium. At the Junior World Championships in Brezno-Osrblie in 2017, she wins a joint silver medal with Sophia Schneider and Anna Weidel.

2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons

Consistent performance at IBU Junior Cup

In the following years, Vanessa continues to compete in the IBU Junior Cup and proves herself with good finishes. In Obertilliach in December 2017, she even takes the podium in second place behind Sophia Schneider.

2019/20 season

IBU Cup debut

Vanessa celebrates her IBU Cup debut this season and performs consistently well. She even secures her first podium spot with third place in the sprint in Brezno-Osrblie, and takes the podium again a few days later with the relay team.

2020/21 season

IBU Cup Total Score champion and first World Cup appearance

After a shoulder injury in summer 2020 and an extended break due to the injury, her preparations for the 2020/21 IBU Cup season are less than ideal. Things work out better for Vanessa in the winter, as she lays the foundation for winning the IBU Cup Total Score with three victories in Brezno-Osrblie. She also wins the silver medal with the mixed relay team at the European Championships in Duszniki Zdroj. Thanks to her strong performance in the IBU Cup, the crowning achievement of Vanessa’s season is her World Cup debut; she competes there for the first time in Nove Mesto and Östersund.

2021/22 season

High-flyer in the World Cup and Olympic bronze medal in the relay

After winning the IBU Cup overall ranking last year, Vanessa gets a fixed starting spot this season for the first World Cup in Östersund as well as all other races of the season. With consistently impressive performances she becomes the high-flyer in the German team. Consequently, she is allowed to participate in the season's highlight, the Olympic Games in Beijing, where she wins bronze with the relay team. Even after the Olympics, Vanessa is one of the athletes with the best form, which she successfully underlines with second place in the sprint in Otepää, her first World Cup podium finish ever.

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