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Maren Hammerschmidt - Biathlon


World champion

Bronze medal at World Championships

Six-time World Cup champion




First chief customs officer


SK Winterberg


Animal protection, baking and meeting up with friends

Role model

Raphael Poireé, Lewis Hamilton

What's important to me

I am very concerned about the protection of animals. I also try to be as environmentally conscious as possible and reduce my ecological footprint. I am, of course, also absolutely devoted to my family.

Viessmann has supported me since my childhood. From when I was in a ski club to the junior team to individual sponsoring. Continuing this cooperation means a lot to me.

Maren Hammerschmidt // Biathlete


At the age of six, Maren starts biathlon sports together with her twin sister Janin. In 2007, she makes her international debut at the European Youth Olympic Festival and wins bronze in pursuit. After graduating from school a year later, she joins the Zoll Ski Team. In 2012, Maren competes for the first time in the World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk and ranks 34th. In 2015, she secures her first podium place at the World Cup in the single mixed relay with Daniel Böhm in Östersund. In the 2016/17 season, she celebrates her first World Cup victory at the relay competition in Pokljuka. In the same season, Maren becomes world champion with the relay team at the World Cup in Hochfilzen. In 2018, another highlight of her career follows: she participates in the Olympic Games in PyeongChang. Shortly afterwards, however, she injured her ankle. After her injury break, Maren starts in the IBU Cup for the time being, but fights her way back into the World Cup team and competes at the World Championships in Pokljuka. Maren ends her career in March 2022.

2007/08 season

Two-time junior world champion

Maren claims the title in sprint ahead of Elise Ringen and her twin sister Janin at the 2008 Junior World Championships in Ruhpolding. She also wins the gold medal with the relay team.

2008/09 season

German youth champion

Maren wins the gold medal in sprint at the 2009 German Youth Championships in Bayerisch Eisenstein.

2009/10 season

International debut

After achieving exceptional results at the Junior World Championships in Torsby, Maren makes her international debut in the IBU Cup this season.

2011/12 season

Victory in the IBU Cup overall ranking and World Cup debut

This season, Maren secures her first podium finish at the IBU Cup. She wins the bronze medal with the relay team at the 2012 European Championships in Osrblie. At the end of the season, Maren wins the overall ranking and the sprint and individual classifications of the IBU Cup and is allowed to compete in the World Cup for the first time at the final in Khanty-Mansiysk.

2012/13 season

Additional World Cup experience

This season, Maren is given the opportunity to prove herself another four times in the World Cup. Otherwise, she competes in the IBU Cup.

2013/14 season

European Championship silver

Maren wins the silver medal with the relay team at the 2014 European Championships in Nové Město.

2014/15 season

Additional European Championship success

As in 2014, the German women’s relay team secures the silver medal with Maren at the European Championships in Otepää again in 2015.

2015/16 season

First podium finishes in the World Cup and World Championship bronze

Maren secures her first-ever podium finish in a World Cup race alongside Daniel Böhm. She takes second place in the sprint, pursuit and relay competitions in Hochfilzen. Together with Maren, the German women’s relay team is also successful at the 2016 World Championships in Oslo and wins the bronze medal.

2016/17 season

First World Cup victory and gold in Hochfilzen

Maren secures her first-ever World Cup victory with the relay team in the World Cup in Pokljuka. The German women’s team also wins the relay competition with Maren in Ruhpolding and Antholz. With Vanessa Hinz, Laura Dahlmeier and Franziska Hildebrand, she even secures the world champion title in the relay competition at the World Championship in Hochfilzen, the highlight of her season.

2017/18 season

Olympic Winter Games

Maren takes third place with the mixed relay team in the World Cup in Östersund. She competes in the Olympic Winter Games for the first time in 2018 and takes 17th place in individual in Pyeongchang. She injures her ankle shortly thereafter and requires surgery in fall 2018.

2018/19 season

Injury-related withdrawal

Maren cannot compete this season due to her injured ankle and instead focuses on the necessary rehabilitation.

2020/21 season

100th World Cup appearance

After Maren mainly competed in the IBU Cup last year, she can prove herself regularly in the World Cup again this season. She can celebrate her 100th World Cup appearance and once again take part in a World Championship.

2019/20 season

The rocky path back

This season, Maren primarily competes in the IBU Cup and has only a few opportunities to participate in the World Cup.

2021/22 season

Time to say Goodbye

Maren is mainly competing in the IBU Cup this season, but is repeatedly pushed back by health problems. The dream of another participation in the Olympics does not come true for her. After 25 years in biathlon, Maren ends her career in March 2022.

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