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Constantin Schmid - Ski Jumping


Bronze at the Olympic Games
3 World Cup wins and 2 podium finishes
Vice world champion ski flying




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WSV Oberaudorf


Sports in general (walking, cycling, hiking, etc., but especially water skiing); I like video games, both PC and console; films and series

Role model

I don’t have a single role model per se. However, there are people in all areas who are more professional and experienced than I am. I try to get to be more like these people in those areas, whether it’s in personal development, dealing with the media, or sports.

What's important to me

It’s important to me to have a stable environment and to know there are people I am important to and who are also important to me. Also good team spirit, and knowing that you always support each other. Besides, of course my sport is important to me, and I always do my best. But the most important thing is to always play fair!

Viessmann has been a very important partner for me since I was in the youth sector. [...] I also like what Viessmann stands for – in terms of both sports and sustainability.

Constantin Schmid Ski jumper


Constantin competes for his home club WSV Oberaudorf. In 2016, he has his first appearance at the Continental Cup in Kuopio after competing in the DSV Student Cup and in the national junior squad. A year later he wins three medals at the Junior World Cup in Park City. In the same year, he finishes eighth at his first World Cup event in Neustadt. In 2019 Constantin graduates from school at the Christophorusschulen in Berchtesgaden. The same year he celebrates his first World Cup victory in team jumping in Zakopane. In 2020 Constantin finishes third at the World Cup in Rasnov, securing his first World Cup podium finish. At the 2021 World Ski Flying Championships in Planica, Constantin wins silver together with the team, his first ever World Championships medal. The next highlight follows directly in the 2021/22 season: the bronze medal in the team event at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

2016/17 season

Successful Junior World Championships, first victories

Constantin competes in the Continental Cup and is given the opportunity to jump in his first two World Cups at the tournaments in Oberstdorf and Garmisch. At the 2017 Junior World Championships in Salt Lake City, Constantin wins bronze in the individual competition and silver in the team and mixed team events. He secures his first podium finish in the Continental Cup in the jumping competition in Planica, where he takes third place. Shortly thereafter, he secures his first Continental Cup victory in Chaykovsky.

2017/18 season

Junior world champion and two-time vice youth world champion

He’s awarded his first World Cup entry this season, taking eighth place in the World Cup in Titisee-Neustadt. Constantin becomes world champion in the team event and vice junior world champion in the mixed team and individual competitions at the 2018 Junior World Championships in Kandersteg.

2018/19 season

Revisiting past successes: junior world champion once again

As in the previous year, Constantin becomes 2019 junior world champion in the team event and secures bronze in the mixed team competition in Lahti. He boasts numerous World Cup entries again this season.

2019/20 season

First victories in the World Cup

Constantin is a permanent starter in the World Cup. He claims his first World Cup victories with the German team in Zakopane and Lahti. In 2020, Constantin secures his first podium finish in an individual competition in the World Cup, taking third place in jumping in Râșnov.

2020/21 season

Vice World Champion in Ski Flying

The first highlight of the season is the Ski Flying World Championships in Planica, where Constantin wins the silver medal with the team. It is his first ski flying world championship medal. He also qualifies for the Nordic World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf and celebrates further podium finishes with the team in the World Cup.

2021/22 season

Olympic bronze medal in team event

Constantin also shows consistently good performances this season, so that he wins the coveted ticket for the season's highlight, the Olympic Games in Beijing. There he convinces with two top-15 placements in individual jumping, before the big highlight: the bronze medal with the team.

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