FC Bayern Munich and Viessmann

With team spirit for our climate

Climate partner

Together we are strong

Stopping climate change is impossible on one’s own. But as a team we have a chance. The attitude and presence that FC Bayern has been bringing to the pitch for years is something we also need at home in our boiler room and on our roof. The quality and efficiency of heating and power in any situation. With our climate-friendly heat pump system, you are well positioned for the future. Both for new builds and renovation projects. But the most important thing is that we all act together. You, us, simply everyone. As one big team.

Heat pump system

Efficient teamwork

A team in which all players optimize each other’s skills. That's the idea behind our heat pump systems - both for new build and modernization works. Our smart Vitocal heat pump uses free ambient air. It mainly draws its operating power from the Vitocharge power storage unit, which receives green solar energy from the Vitovolt photovoltaic system. The standardized Viessmann One Base operating system enables easy replacement and interconnects all current and future products to form an efficient team.


Home victory for the climate

Our solutions help to preserve the Earth for future generations of young players. Viessmann products are not only manufactured in a resource-saving way, they also offer the possibility of a more independent and climate-friendly energy supply. Our Vitocal heat pump uses the “green” refrigerant R290 (propane). Propane is an organic compound (hydrocarbon) and has neither ozone depletion potential nor any significant direct greenhouse effect. Fair play to our planet.


Cleverly positioned

Our solutions for heating, power and ventilation work seamlessly together via the Viessmann One Base operating system.

Energy Management System

  • The smart playmaker that makes your system really efficient.
  • It automatically controls and synchronizes your heat and power generation.
  • You always have everything under control via the ViCare app.
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