Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Our ethical principles and values help us to further promote and establish the culture at Viessmann Climate Solutions. In doing so, we are guided by the Carrier Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics complements The Carrier Way. Together they demonstrate how our values shape our behaviors. The Code provides guidance on how to do the right thing aligned to our vision, values and culture. The Code promotes understanding through clear principles, real-life examples and practical tools. The Carrier Way is the foundation of everything we do. It defines our vision, reaffirms our values, describes the behaviors that create a winning culture, and establishes how we work and win together.

The Carrier Way

Our aspiration: why we come to work every day.

Creating solutions that matter for people and our planet

Our absolutes: always do the right thing.

Respect – Integrity – Inclusion – Innovation – Excellence

Our behaviors: how we work and win together, while never compromising our values.  

Passion for our Customers: We winwhen our customers win.

Play to win: We strive to be #1 in everything we do.

Choose Speed: We focus and move with a blas for action.

Achieve Results: We perform, with integrity.  

Dare to Disrupt: We innovateand pursue sustainable solutions.

Build Best Teams:  We develop diverse teams and empower to move faster.


Our values dictate how we perform, every day.


Our behaviors are always consistent with our values, no matter what.


What do we mean?

  • We treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • We take action to ensure that no one feels unsafe or intimidated in our workplaces.

How do we live by it?

We encourage everyone to speak up, express ideas and opinions, ask questions when in doubt and listen openly to the views of others.

Example:  My colleague and I disagreed on a specific project. While both of us had valid opinions, I took the advice of my colleague, as it was in the best interest of Carrier and our customers. I thanked my colleague for their support on the project.

Give some thought to these situations:  

  • A manager yelling at a colleague in front of everyone about their performance issues.
  • A colleague being collectively ignored within a team and shut out from relevant information because the manager is “fed up” with the employee.

These are unacceptable behaviors and not aligned with The Carrier Way. We strive to create an environment that promotes the building of the best teams so we can win together.

Respect creates a positive work environment where we feel included
and empowered to reach our full potential.


What do we mean?

  • Honesty, accountability and ethics are the cornerstones of our business.
  • We do the right thing for all stakeholders and compete on our merits. We require our business partners to do the same. We comply not only with the letter but also the spirit of the law and Carrier policies. We only win business the right way.

How do we live by it?

We choose to do the right thing in our day-to-day activities.


  • I rejected an expense report with overinflated receipts.
  • I politely declined three digital tablets offered by one of our dealers because it does not comply with our gift policy. My manager recognized me for good ethical behavior.

Give some thought to these situations:  

We choose to act in the right way in our daily activities.

  • Submitting personal expenses as a professional expense to get  improper reimbursement.
  • Stealing Carrier goods from the factory and trying to sell them to make a profit.

These are unacceptable behaviors and not aligned with The Carrier Way. Always act with integrity and be truthful in everything you say and do.

Integrity enables us to deliver nothing less than the very best to our customers.


What do we mean?

  • We strive to create an environment where we all feel included, regardless of our differences.
  • We embrace diversity and the benefit of different viewpoints and perspectives.
  • We value our employees on their merits, skills and engagement.
  • We do not tolerate ANY discrimination.

How do we live by it?

At Carrier, we embrace our differences and understand that our diversity is one of our greatest assets.

Example:  Hiring someone with a disability turned out to be an easier experience than I thought. I got plenty of support to ensure that the workplace was accommodating to the needs of my employee. We all need to work together to build the best team.

Give some thought to these situations:  

  • Imagine an employee who has to hide their sexual orientation because the team makes discriminatory comments against the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • A manager who applies promotion criteria that are not transparent, raising questions about the fairness of their decisions.

These are unacceptable behaviors and not aligned with The Carrier Way. Promoting equal opportunity allows us to attract and retain the best talent and have happier employees.

Inclusion helps build better teams and a more collaborative environment.


What do we mean?

  • We constantly seek to develop, improve and sustainably grow our business.
  • Building on our pioneering culture, we create solutions that matter for people and our planet.

How do we live by it?

We foster an environment that encourages our team members to share ideas and suggestions, challenge the norm and dare to disrupt.

Example:  I was honored to receive Carrier’s Innovation of the Year Award! It’s never easy to dare to disrupt, and I had my moments of doubts. Being encouraged and recognized like this does make the difference.

Innovation is in our DNA.


What do we mean?

We deliver on the merits of our products and services, with urgency and flawless execution.

How do we live by it?

We continuously pursue the highest quality in everything we do and always commit to the highest standards.

Example:  I immediately reported a quality issue, which could also be a potential safety issue, in a project that was being rushed to meet a customer deadline. My passion to deliver safe products to our customers always comes first.

Delivering with excellence is part of The Carrier Way. Quality and safety are never compromised.

Decision-Making Tools

  • Letter and Spirit:  My actions comply not just with the letter but also the spirit of applicable laws and regulations and Carrier policies.
  • Can I and Should I?  II ask myself “Can I?” then “Should I?” and “Would I be comfortable seeing the result of my behavior on the cover of a newspaper?”
  • Seek Advice:  When in doubt, I seek advice from my manager or my Ethics & Compliance Officer.
  • Lead by Example:  I lead by example in all my interactions with our stakeholders.
  • Report Wrongdoing:  If I see anything that is or appears to be a violation of our Code or Policies, I say something.
  • Positive Environment:  I cultivate a positive work environment and business relationships, where only legal and ethical actions that reflect our core values are acceptable.
  • No Retaliation:  I never engage in or tolerate retaliation.
  • Values:  I am aware of and understand the five values of The Carrier Way and our Code of Ethics.

Speak Up

When employees, contractors and partners observe or suspect something that contradicts the Code of Ethics or our policies, we encourage them to Speak Up and report it, even anonymously if they prefer. Carrier is committed to providing a safe reporting environment.


Carrier has zero tolerance for retaliation in any form. Anyone engaging in retaliatory behavior against those who make a report in good faith will be subject to disciplinary action, up to possible termination.

Contact details of the Compliance Officer:

Viessmann Climate Solutions SE
Legal, Compliance, Insurance
Legal Counsel Dennis Wagner-Noll, LL.M.
Viessmannstrasse 1
35108 Allendorf (Eder)
Phone +49 6452 70-2076
Fax +49 6452 70-5076

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